Monday, August 16, 2010


After weeks of really hot, really humid, really wet, and really bad mosquitoes yesterday was LOVELY. Sunny, warm, and breezy. We headed out to fly one of our kites.

Standing in a green field, under an intensely blue sky, watching your kite get smaller and smaller...oh, summer.

We have a trick kite that is fun - but it requires a few people to get it going and a bit of effort. Yesterday was perfect for the old-fashioned triangle with a loooong tail kind of kite (with 500 feet of line :)). Relaxing and fun - great for the perfect summer day.

You will find truth more quickly through delight than gravity.
Let out a little more string on your kite.
~Alan Cohen


Dawn said...

I'm so glad the good kind of summer weather has found you again. I felt bad for you with all those mosquitoes! Those are cute kite flying photos. We hit 90 in Seattle this weekend, for the first time this year. I loved it. :)

Mel North said...

Isn't it just lovely now? Let's hope it stays for a while!

Michelle said...

I like how you chose to photograph the boys. So neat. I am hoping for some cooler weather so we can fly kites as well. Trick kite you say? Perhaps that is why one of ours never seems to fly very well.

denise said...

The 'trick' kites are those with double lines, special shaping, and heavy duty line/bars/fabrics. Not usually any tail.


My husband loves doing the tricks, and the boys love helping (takes two people to launch them), but it can take a lot of strength to operate - G has been practically dragged through a field by one!!! :-O

For nice summer day relaxing kite flying, we like just the regular kites!

Julie said...

How fun! It's been years since we flew kites. Inspired by your post I'm going to keep a watch out for a breezy day soon:)

Andrea @ little buckles said...

Just look at that blue sky! Can't get any better than that and by the sounds of it, it was welcomed. The kites look like loads of fun :)

Chris said...

We've tried a few times to fly kites with the kids, but the kite kept crashing down before it barely got up! I think when the kids are a little older and a bit more patient, we'll try it again. Awesome pictures, BTW.

twigandtoadstool said...

What wonderful pictures! I'm a huge fan of kite flying...when I lived by the Atlantic Ocean, we'd go kite flying every weekend on these vast stretches of beach!
xo maureen

Francesca said...

What a good way to enjoy the breeze and the kinder summer weather! We spent a long time yesterday watching some kids fly a kite on the beach - so nice!