Monday, August 30, 2010

what a week!

I can't believe it is Monday already! After a very rough week with G's cold and bad asthma, he is feeling a lot better (well, we all are) and energy will hopefully be returning to normal. Though we spent last week to ourselves taking care of our sick little guy, we also had a nice snuggly family goodness in the kitchen kind of week.

My husband worked ridiculous hours during all this, so A, G and I spent much of the week curled up together, painting, baking, crafting, picking raspberries, reading, and, whenever G could handle it, going outside for some fresh air and sunshine.

Of course for me, having a week without much sleep, not much relief, and a lot of caretaking, meant that I have had tons of creative ideas. Funny how that works, eh?

So, I have plans and sketches for the fall for quilts, photography projects, painting, knitting and more. I wrote it all down, including sketches in my journal, so I know I will even remember it all! ;)

A few ideas are already being worked on, and I can't wait to share.

Happy Monday!


Lisa said...

can't wait to hear what your plans are. so happy to hear your little guy is feeling better. hopefully you can catch up on some sleep!!
happy monday

Francesca said...

I've been meaning to write my ideas down too, not because I forget them, but because I don't remember them at the right moment. But I haven't done it yet, how is it working for you?

Tara said...

Happy Monday! Glad your little guy is back on his feet and feeling better :0)

Pie looks yummo!!

denise said...

Francesca - I used to always write in for every 'subject' (craft, writing, art, to-do, etc.) but then just got out of the habit. I also have an excellent memory, and I would at most type them into simpletext. But lately, I'm tired late night when I have time to sit down to work on things, and not really motivated by a typed list. ;) So, started carrying moleskin journals around again, small one in bag/car, big one at home, and am liking the sketching, outlining, writing again. And more visual when I go back to work on things!

denise said...

Tara - It was a coconut raspberry pie. Oh, yum.

Anonymous said...

Creative ideas come at the most random times don't they? I often have good work ideas or parenting insights in the middle of the night. Very annoying because then I have to wake myself up enough to write it down or I won't remember!
Hope your week is going well.

kelly said...

I feel your pain on the absent other half - mine is putting in a lot of hours at the moment (not out of choice which sucks on every one's terms!)

I get my best creative ideas as I'm going off to sleep, and I can't be bothered to sit up and write them out, so I have to hope they will hang around in my brain (plenty of open space up there!) until morning :)

nocton4 said...

love and care to you all xx

Maiz said...

You've probably already read this, but just curious what you think about it. My husband has asthma, but not so frequently these days, and he found this article interesting:

I am looking forward to your new ideas!