Saturday, May 05, 2007

Moon, bees, weight of the world.

We were going to be doing a bunch of crafts about the moon this month. A was who had initiated it all...wanting to pull out the telescopes and stay up late. When I went online I found out about the Blue Moon this month, so thought - fun - we can do a bunch of stuff. Well, for now, A decided that the idea is on hold. He changed his mind. Sooooo we wait until he is ready. Maybe later in the month!

When we were searching online for books on the moon, A had also found several books on beekeeping, honey, and bees. G is a honey freak. He doesn't really get much sugar, but he does love the raw, unfiltered propolis-crunchy local honey we buy (mix it up with unsweetened organic peanut butter and he is a happy camper). A loves insects, and wants to know every fact, detail and tidbit of information - so we now are on a new path this week.

Of course with talk of bees anymore, is talk of all of the other issues plaguing our honeybees in North America (and the world) right now. It is a hard balance lately - A like any other small child ask questions, loves facts, and wants to know so much. But with every tidbit of new information I don't want to spray a heavy dark coating of nihilistic doom. Be honest, always, but how detailed? How much is enough, how much is too much. He is, of course, only 4. Workin' on the positive side of things for now.

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