Thursday, May 24, 2007

Straw Necklaces - Easy Crafts Can Be Fun Too!

We are always looking for quick craft ideas. We enjoy doing more of the formal waldorf'ish crafts to go along with paths of interest, but we also just like those quick and easy yet entertaining with a little immediate satisfaction crafts. And, some days it is nice to just pull out something quick and easy and not have all the prep work. My boys are 4 & 2, so many times the prep takes longer than the craft! :) Today they wanted something to do and were not happy with how windy it is outside (and hot), so we dug through some drawers and bins and came up with a fun project - straw necklaces.

First cut up straws (we love recycling them into crafts) into small sections. Next, get a bright ribbon or yarn and cut it to a good length that will tie and fit over head. On one end of the string put a little piece of tape to make it more like a shoe string. On the other end tie a few knots so the straws don't slip off the other end.

Put it in the middle of the floor and let them thread away.

When done, just tie a knot and put it on!

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