Thursday, May 17, 2007

Baking day - kids and cupcakes.

Yesterday was our "baking day". I try to have 1 kid baking project per week (not including our bread baking). Sometimes the baking is with both boys (eek!!!), sometimes A gets his own time during G's nap. After the last few total chaos measuring attempts and flour fiasco's with overly excited boys, I decided to do an organic vanilla cake mix as the base this time. G carried the box around all day, but was overly fussy from allergies bugging him, so we waited for naptime.

A measured oil and milk, cracked eggs, and stirred. He decided he wanted green cupcakes this time, so he added a little bit of food coloring paste to the mix. Well, maybe more than a little bit. While they baked we made our organic cream cheese icing...A whipped and stirred it to a nice creamy blob. The cupcakes came out a lovely grass green, and with the white icing they look very springy. We had to leave 1/2 of them without any icing, of course, as A doesn't like much sweet stuff.

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