Thursday, May 31, 2007

Head wounds and little brothers.

My sweet little guy. Doing some spunky "fancy dance" this afternoon in what appeared to be plenty of open space and he tripped and blammo. Forehead into the corner of his little wood chair.

As I looked at it right after he hit I could actually see blood bubbling out of the wound and there was so much of it I couldn't even see how bad it was. After carrying him into the kitchen and putting some pressure with a clean white cloth for a little bit, I could see it more clearly. Big purple bruise, an egg shaped lump, and a "hole" tear right in the middle of his forehead. Ouch.

During the hoopla of the shrieking and blood spurting, G decided to unlock the back door (3 locks), wander into the yard, and sit in the wagon. I am a very lucky mama that he didn't go any further and just hung out there until I realized the back door was open and he was gone (only minutes at most, but still). "Too roud mama" he said to me when I reached him ... yes, honey, too loud.

After cleaning up A's head I put on a big honkin' (his words, not mine) bandage. G wanted one too - although he got a smaller model. After that, G spent a lot of time patting his big brother, asking if he was ok, making him drink water, and giving him kisses. Sweet boys.

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