Thursday, December 16, 2010


After the blizzard comes the cold, and so we have had an awesome week mostly at home but for the quick outings to karate, the library, or to play in the snow (the roads are horrible and I hurt my back, so I'm very happy staying close!).

When the temps get really frigid the sun comes out and I love how the winter sun in the windows always gets us going and energized. The boys have had a few days of busy busy!

So much energy, so much intensity and focus - love it!

We have had board games, math games, researching, riddles, drawing and painting.

Card making, cookie baking, lots of icing and sprinkles, vintage holiday specials.

Wax molding (snails! reptiles!), snap circuits, money math, bird feeders and Pokémon.

Darts, gift making and wrapping, food chopping, anagrams, and clove-clementine pomanders.

UV experiments, black light tests, chess (or should I say beating mom in chess), LEGO, and dancing.

Tons of books, magnet experiments, leather wallet making, letter writing, Irish history and so much more!


We are waiting for a few last packages to arrive so we can finish all of the last bits of gift making - until then I see more games, numbers, experiments and books in my future! Happy Thursday!!



se7en said...

Love your busy-ness!!! Wow you guys have been having such fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! It must be like a whirlwind in your home :) It must just be our house that slows down to a type of hibernation in winter. Hope you have a happy solstice and holiday! I will be so pleased to welcome back that extra bit of sun.

Jennifer in Vancouver said...

Happy Holidays! I've been enjoying your blog so much and wanted to say hello from Vancouver. Always inspiring for those of us who are not very artistically inclined to see all the creative crafts in action.

The cookies look delicious. Any suggestions for making special cookie icing?

denise said...

Mel - They are 6 & 7. I don't think they slow down. ;) It is slower than summer, though. Home busy, not out busy.

denise said...

Hi Jennifer! :)

You know, icing is one of those things I don't use a recipe for. But I generally make it the same. Start with powdered sugar, add a wee bit of vanilla extract and a good squeeze of some sort of citrus (lemon, lime, clementine) which helps take the sweet edge off and brighten flavor. Then mix in enough water to make it ribbon off of your mixing spoon. Not runny, not paste. It dries nice and hard. I prefer the gel colors, not the liquid as they are more intense using less. If you want white icing, skip the vanilla extract, but keep the citrus. :)

Theresa said...

Looks wonderful! Come say hi. We are having a rock music giveaway, from my Dec 9 post :)

Tara said...

So much to do inside - who needs to stray far from home?

The cookies look so yummy and it's funny - Owen had his snap circuits out yesterday :0)

Happy holidays!

Andrea said...

Those cookies do look good! We tend to eat icing and never get the cookies decorated! I know all about those days full of snap circuits and pokemon!

Shady Lady said...

Wow! What a week you've had. Fun, fun, fun!!!

Francesca said...

I love your first photo, Denise. It would make a great Christmas card.

cfgyexy6464 said...

what great fun you and your boys have! love the snail picture :-)

Chris said...

I was so drooling over your cookies. My kids ran over when I said, "wow" and now they're drooling over your cookies, too! We're having our big cookie bake the two days before Christmas Eve. For now it's last minute present wrapping, reading aloud The Neverending Story, and rocking to Christmas music.

Andria said...

We have that same Playmobil Advent calendar. I love the nature scene. They have some amusing ones, though.....the police force Advent calendar??! Funny!

Melissa said...

Love this beautiful busyness! We are alternating between busy and hermit mode here. Those cookies look fantastic. We still have to make ours, and I'm looking forward to trying your citrus suggestion for the icing!