Thursday, December 02, 2010


After having a small dusting of snow (finally!) and putting up our tree, it finally feels more like winter. We love tucking in and being busy at home when the cold and snow arrives. Days full of so many 'things to do' and yet nothing much we MUST do. Snuggles, games, books, baking, making, doing. So much doing.

Lying under the tree on big fluffy pillows looking at the lights sparkle from down below while giggles, stories and songs ensue, one boy tucked perfectly into each shoulder.

Sorting a ridiculous quantity of holiday crafty materials, with the 'what can we make next'.

The almost never ending question - mom, can we decorate those cookies/gingerbread houses. Never enough cookies, never enough icing (I'm to the point of wanting to never have to smell icing again, though. wow.).

The first snowflakes (FINALLY), the birds and squirrels on our deck, and the annual return of our favorite mourning doves.

The discussions of how to get our fluffy and very opinionated rabbit to wear a mini red velvet Santa hat. Or antlers (I have thwarted them so far, though she doesn't seem very appreciative).

The writing and re-writing of the lists. Oh, the lists.

The boys making a daily 'sports hour' to compensate for being inside a bit more now that the cold has arrived. Darts, archery, trampoline, yoga ball, twister, drumming, dancing, and just running in circles full speed.

All of the science experiments and new projects the boys want to do. And sketches of all of the snow animals, forts and ramps that will be made once we get some 'real' snow.


Piano. Long plays and elaborate costumes. Story telling. Family trees. Talk of 'when they grow up'.

Planting all kinds of things to see what we get (lentils, above).

I love when we get that shift this time of year. The air, light, energy and focus just jump. Perhaps having shorter days means the daylight we do have is just - more. More energy, creativity, ideas. More snuggling and talking and sharing. Whatever it is, I'm glad it is here and am looking forward to more of all this doing.



Andrea @ little buckles said...

Wow, sounds like a busy and very happy household...enjoy! x

Stephanie said...

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!
So much goodliness here.

I love the idea of a Sports Hour-- it would quite be a fine thing around here!
I mean--could be that Mama would have to call "SPorts Hour!" three or more times a day, somedays, but it would be a great "turn on the music and get your groove on" (and out) call. (I like Sports Hour a might better than "Running Through The House Screaming and Chasing" - it's the noise, you know.
Noise, Noise, Noise, Noise!! says the Grinch.

Hmmm. Really liking this. Tumbling, dancing, mini tramp, weights, darts, exercise ball, Twister... yeah. YOu're on to something here.

Tara said...

You are filling up these shorter days with all kinds of wonderful things!

The bows are pretty awesome and your post reminded me of one sweet boy who would like a dartboard!

Blessings of the season to you all!

denise said...

Stephanie - I loved their idea for sports hour. They yell to start it and then have 'stations' and rotate who gets to pick the station. I am sure that will change/evolve as they go along, but this week we have stations. ;) We do turn on the music - the boys iTunes playlist. And so much good body action!

Tara - My guys are loving the electronic dart board. It is fun! We installed it regulation height, and then the boys step on a stool at 3/4 distance. They are getting pretty good! And surprise bonus is that I realized A isn't just using the electronic scoring, but is often keeping track of the points each round in his head (double 13's, 8, 19), adding them up, and then trying to subtract points from the running totals ... and then going to the board at the end of each round to check to see if he is right! :)

Flo said...

Your days sound absolutely lovely. The idea of just being is so where my desire is right now. Snow certainly contributes to that atmosphere and I'm happy for you to have finally gotten some!

Michelle said...

Sounds completely wonderful. Whenever I see your blog I always feel that I spend too much time homeschooling "at the desk" and not enough time just having some fun.

Francesca said...

So many wonderful activities and projects, what a nice mixture of quiet and active!

Anonymous said...

You make Winter in Wisconsin sound wonderful. Wish I had your enthusiasm and excitement about this season. Being inside with my two toddlers has me terrified!

Melissa said...

Holy busy house! I love all the creativity and activity going on here. We still spend a lot of time outdoors in the winter (not much will keep my 4 year old in), but for the days when we're not out as much I've been trying to stock up on active indoor equipment for the girls as well. We've got the swing in the basement, the yoga ball, room to dance and wiggle, and a trampoline coming from parents (christmas present) for my sensory girl. I'll be watching your posts for more ideas...

Greanmama said...

Where did you get the archery stuff from? Looks sturdy. FUN. Love your photos too. I'd love to talk layouts some time. peace.

denise said...

Kim - We picked them up when we were in Minneapolis in October. They are so cool - the tips of the 'arrows' are wool covered with leather, so they are balanced and shoot, but also don't break windows when in the house and don't hurt. ;) They are made by a German company - Fantashion.