Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Today we were so happy to get to a pool for the first time this summer, and we were spoiled to have it all to ourselves almost the whole time we were there. That gave A a chance to relax and just swim (he has a hard time if it is crowded). He had brand new snorkel gear that he has really been wanting to try -- outside of the bathtub, of course.

As soon as we got to the pool he put on his new gear, got into the water, head in and just swam off! And from there he swam for over an hour. I guess he knows how to swim now (and snorkel!)! Back and forth, back and forth, head down, no problem. He even figured out how to chat with the mouthpiece in, and not surprisingly he chattered away the entire time his head was underwater - he is A, after all. ;)

With A showing off his swimming and snorkeling skills, G was next to me, trying his out. He wasn't as much a fan of the snorkeling, so he instead floated around happily, basking in the sun, chasing his brother, playing their edited version of sharks and minnows.

I love seeing how quickly kids learn new things, how focused they are when they really want to do something, and how much joy they have from accomplishing whatever they set out to do! Oh, it fills my heart to overload.

And of course we just love spending time together, having lots of fun, and enjoying a beautiful summer day in crystal blue water. Ahhhhh.


Astrid in Bristling Acres said...

We went swimming too! The weather was just perfect for it. However there were quite a few people in our pool. At least my girls had lots of fun!

Stephanie said...

so funny that he managed to talk with the mouthpiece in!! That's hilarious.

Kelly said...

so glad you guys made it out! nothing ears them out like some water time huh?

likeschocolate said...

This has been our life for the last 8 weeks. It has been so crazy hot here. However, I wouldn't take it any other way.

Sabrina Leigh said...

i think thats awesome hayden is just learning to swim this summer maybe next year hell try goggles.... and well brett brett just love to lay his head on mommys shoulder and float...or sit on the side in his infant