Wednesday, July 07, 2010

in the garden.

This week I have not been out in the garden as much as I should. My back went 'out' last weekend and I am not really able to walk (or sit! or stand!) much - not to mention the mosquitoes are crazy. Luckily, this is the time of year where the garden doesn't need me much. Sunshine, heat and rain and it is good to go. I send my husband out with a bowl, tell him where to pick, and he picks until the mosquitoes drive him back in the house!

We have been getting a lot of peas, chives, spring onions, golden raspberries and (mountains of) greens along with different herbs and edible flowers. Perfect for summer salads.

The peppers and tomatoes are getting really close.

The herbs are starting to get nice and full, and the melons, squash and cucumbers are *finally* starting to vine and flower.

This week, though, we do have one big harvest (the first picking on Saturday morning is what got my back) - white currants. I was able to only pick one super size mixing bowl, but have hundreds more just now ripe on our bushes. (If I can find a full body net perhaps my husband will pick them all for me?)

I definitely see white currant jelly in the future - yum. What is ready in your garden this week?


Lise said...

Oh, I'm jealous! I have 3 currant bushes...they've been there for 2 years now...and this year, I harvested a grand total of 5 currants. (A combination of greedy chickens and lack of sun conspiring against me.) But I do have some almost-ready grape tomatos growing in a pot on my driveway; I'm excited about those!

denise said...

Lise - We have just 2 bushes and this is the 3rd year. We didn't get much last 2 summers, this summer, wowza. Must be all the coffee grounds I have dumped on them for years now! :)

Sally said...

we are in cucumbers right now!

Tara said...

Sorry to hear about your back - my sciatica has been waking me up at night. It sounds funny to people who have healthy backs when you say it hurts to sit down, or lay down and sometimes it hurts to stand too - but it is SO TRUE!!!

Your white currants are really beautiful... the whole garden looks great.

Stephanie said...

I'm loving your garden!
I was thinking yesterday that I'm due a Garden post. :)

(And I'm so sorry about your back. Hmmph. I hope it rights itself quickly.)

Kelly said...

those are some bits of heaven in the making ~

Kelly said...

those are some bits of heaven in the making ~

Yarrow said...

SO sorry to hear about your back. I hope you are back on your feet again very soon. Lovely garden, what a joy.

TwigandToadstool said...

What beautiful garden pictures!!!
Our currant bushes are in their second year too...I think there may be 5 currents per bush!!! I'm going to try dumping our coffee grounds on them...sounds hopeful!!
Our peas should be ready next week...and the broccoli needs to be eaten daily...lettuce...spinach...basil...all find their way into our meals nightly!!
Oh...I love gardening!!!
xo maureen

Anonymous said...

Oh I can't wait to have that kind of garden! I am also a mom in Madison and just moved here. I only had the energy to plant basil, peppers and tomatoes while I unpacked boxes this spring. Hopefully next year we will have more. My girls are much younger than your boys but I cannot wait to get them out in the dirt learning about their food!
Found you through the unwrapping. Always nice to find a blogger in the same area. And glad to know we are not the only ones running for the house because of the mosquitoes!

Hybrid said...

Great to see your garden is doing so well.

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Dawn said...

Sending healing thoughts for your back and holy *beep* that's a lot of currants!