Monday, October 13, 2008

minneapolis in full color.

We had a nice 3-day weekend in Minneapolis. While my husband was stuck inside at a conference all day every day, the boys and I explored parks, beaches, nature centers and more - anything to be outside! The weather was nice and the fall colors were just breathtaking. OK, we did do a little of the inside stuff on Friday evening when my husband was finished...a little of this,

and a little of this.

But the rest of the time was spent wandering. We visited my favorite natural toys and crafts store. We discovered the most awesome park system with trails and playgrounds and a gorgeous nature center which had amazing 3-D colorful murals of animals in their habitats - from forest to prairie to wetlands (photos cannot do it justice).

We went on nature walks where the aspens were raining their golden leaves onto our heads as the boys spun and danced. We saw many snakes. We have gone hiking and walking hundreds (if not more) times in Wisconsin and have only seen two snakes. In a (busy) nature park in Minneapolis, over only 20 minutes, we saw more snakes than the boys will ever hope to see again in their lifetimes. Excitement, let me tell ya. Ahem.

We wandered from local cafes to neighborhood parks and played and played.

Each hike we went on had more and more color - it was so beautiful.

I am happy to say we spent much of the weekend hanging out, walking in the vibrant leaves without shoes (well, but for the snake part!), getting dirty, taking walks through neighborhoods, and just enjoying autumn in full color. Part of that was because it is just too tough for one adult to take two small spunky kids to busy public places on a weekend - and part of that was realizing that we didn't have to *do* anything but explore and have fun and enjoy each other. And THAT made it a special trip to remember!

I'm going to post some more photos over at Flickr...what a fun weekend!


Anonymous said...

Wow! What fun to be footloose and fancy free the whole weekend.

Aren't snakes always thrilling? My kids even saw one in the pond last summer. (Personally, snakes in water is just a total nightmare for me, but they thought it was pretty cool.)

Anonymous said...

looks and sounds like it was an amazing weekend. love the fall colors.

Lisa said...

I just love days like that.
Especially three in a row. So satisfying!

Mama Randa Morning Glory said...

Wow, that park system is the most AWESOME I've ever seen!
All the snakes are in migration right now, finding places to rest for the winter. Everyone has been seeing them alot. Everyone except us of couse! My 5 year old herpetologist and I hope to go snake and 'sallie' (salamander) searching several times this week before they're all tucked away in their burrows!

dawn klinge said...

Those fall colors DO look gorgeous! What a fun weekend you all had. We've done the same thing of going along and enjoying the city when my husband has business trips to take. I think the snakes would have scared me. ;)

Lisa Zahn said...

That's my city! Well, it used to be. I always thought I'd live in Mpls. forever, but now we're an hour north of it and enjoy our new small city and LESS TRAFFIC.

But I'm so proud of Minneapolis/St. Paul so it's fun to see your photos and read that you had such a nice time. I absolutely love Madison, too. We're lucky to have such great cities with such great nature here in the midwest, eh?

Lisa in MN

Lisa Zahn said...

and p.s.--I love Wonderment, too. If you went there you were in one of our favorite neighborhoods in Mpls., Linden Hills. Did you go to the Wild Rumpus bookstore, also in Linden Hills? Best kids bookstore ever!

Or did you go to the new Wonderment on Grand Av. in St. Paul? Awesome store!

denise said...

Mama Randa Morning Glory -- I figured that it was that time of year. It was amazing how many there were - and they were the same color as the ground with golden leaves, so it was hard to see them until we were *right there*. ;)

LisaZ - yep, Linden Hills. I LOVE that neighborhood. Every time we go there we want to live there. :) We walked around and visited many shops, got some goodies at a cafe, and then walked down past the coop to the local park. We only did a quick stop at Wild Rumpus--the boys wanted to go to the park!

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

The last time I was in Minneapolis, it was already November. We had sunshine, wind, clouds-lots of them--and rain. All in one weekend. Nevertheless, I enjoyed my time there. It is such a polite and pleasant city.
It looks beautiful in your pictures.

Lisa Anne said...

What a very wonderful weekend! The people in Minneapolis are incredibly the nicest people on earth too! That toy store looks awesome and a place where I would have to walk in without my purse.

Jessica said...

I had a very similar weekend, one where I didn't have to do much of anything but thoroughly enjoyed the sun and the leaves and the family!

Jodi Anderson said...

Minnesota is such a great state to visit, and you really captured many of the reasons why in this post.

As always, thanks for sharing, Denise. :)

Anet said...

Nice state, beautiful color! minus the snakes, YIKES!