Wednesday, October 15, 2008

light the fire.

Ever since I hurt my back in August I have felt a little off. Behind. Not 100%. Tired. Sure, my house is decent and laundry is folded (although stacked on the bed until later), I'm still canning and preserving, doing crafts and projects with the kids, going on field trips with them and working, and, and...whew. It just wears ya out! I have always had endless energy and this back business A lot. I think that can be a good thing, though.

So while I feel like I have so many recipes I haven't posted yet, or several craft projects that I haven't written about yet, or things I haven't been working on, I'm OK with that. Life is good. What is beginning to get me twitchy is the thought that Halloween is getting close and I haven't sewn the boys costumes yet. Cough, cough. Or that the holidays are coming (really) in a few months and I haven't even started making gifts yet, not to mention only having a rough idea of things and no lists or materials yet.

So this post is to light my fire. Kids costumes are sketched and I need to get my sewing machine working again (uh, yeah) and will have those out in no time.

And the holiday plans - I have an outline of ideas in my head and will be posting some gift making ideas and lists soon. For the last 3 years I have chosen a main theme for batch-work of gifts and then put it all together based on each recipient. We have made embroidered felt items (checkbooks, biz card holders, wallets, etc.), home made soap, hand poured candles, recipe boxes, scarves, sewn book bags, and this year will once again be a new direction, I think.

As the weather cools, the rain comes, and the garden beds down for the winter, I always feel rejuvenated to come inside and do more handwork and get ready for all of the holidays (and birthdays) to come. We are nearing the end of the biggest part of the canning/drying/gardening extravaganza of late summer and early fall, and things will be slowing down just in time. I'll be ready, really.


Sharon said...

These photos are amazing! Be sure to show us the boys in their costumes when the time comes. They are at the perfect age for Halloween.

Anonymous said...

beautiful photos. and yes you are right. slowing down can be a good thing.
i understand what you mean though...about the fire. i need one too.

Sarah said...

I hope you keep getting better! I'll be interested in seeing what route you are going with the Christmas gifts. I'm leaning toward sewing the family new bathrobes as one project. My kids LOVE bathrobes for some reason.

Tara said...

The change in season has me thinking the same way- we have been so hyper focused on the renovation and cleaning up all the messes that come from that- it is easy to get behind and feel like you'll never catch up!

Halloween, Owen's birthday, the holidays... Sheesh!! Lots to do.
I keep trying to remind myself that this is exactly where I am supposed to be, in the moment.
You're right not to worry too much- it will all get done :)
I'll be curious to see your ideas when you're ready to share them too :) !!

Anet said...

I know just what you mean. I still feel pain in my lower back when we hike and walk around for hours! I have a big weekend coming up too, Yikes!
I have been working on Noah's costume because he needs it for this weekend.
Enjoy the fall! I can't wait to see your plans homemade gifts!!!

dawn klinge said...

I hope you show pictures of your boys in their Halloween costumes. I'm feeling like it's time for me to get moving on making some gifts for the holidays as well. I'm sorry to hear that your back is still giving you problems.

Lisa said...

It sounds like you are kindling the fire with your costumes and holiday planning! Looking forward to seeing the costumes!

Mama Randa Morning Glory said...

Hooray for handmade costumes! Can't wait to see your boys'.

I just posted some pictures on my blog of an amazing park in our town that I think you would really appreciate!

waldorfmama said...

wow, these photos are absolutely breathtaking!

RunninL8 said...

I've been writing down themes/activities/events to blog about for the past few months and most I haven't even gotten to! I hope I can get to the point of releasing myself and saying it's ok!
Beautiful pics!
Hope the ankle is better soon. And I know how back probs can slow a person down.

Anonymous said...

Yep, Halloween is very, very soon, and I haven't even gotten my son to decide on a costume, no less put it together. I have approximately two inches of a Christmas knitting project done, and it's going at less than a row a day so far! So I'm already feeling the pinch, and it's only October. Sigh.

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...