Monday, March 17, 2008

Blackboard Joy.

Our lap blackboards are very used in this house. The boys love the color, texture and feel of chalk, and images on the rich black surface pop with character. A and G each have their own small blackboard, and enjoy using them for so many different things -

Drawing pictures.

Drawing scenes from books we are reading, or illustrating our own stories.

(The two images below are from Friday when G, out of the
clear blue sky, sat down and wrote words and totally surprised me!)

We also love to draw images from books to add some color to our nature table - or we draw things that the boys are reading about or interested in. This is an image from The Spring Equinox. A and G worked with me on this one, and helped color in some of the sky, grass, and flowers!

I love sitting at the table reading aloud as the boys draw.


Anonymous said...

Wow, look at your little smarty-pants writing out words! I'm impressed! They both are such cute little guys :)

Thanks for the link for the blackboards as well. Your blackboards look so much nicer than the one I bought for my little guy. The chalk barely shows up on our blackboard.

Tara said...

You have two fine artists there! I just ordered the Spring Equinox from our library- the illustrations look wonderful.
I bookmarked your source for the chalkboards- I may go a little crazy ordering:)

Maria said...

OH, that dear sweet little face with the blackboard bees!! It's comical and sweet all at the same time! I love his look! What a great post, Denise!
Hoping you've got some spring!

dawn klinge said...

I've been meaning to get some quality blackboards and chalk for my kids. We have cheap ones and they are pretty useless. After reading this post, I'm really inspired to do this. Your boys are so cute.

Lisa Anne said...

Looks like great fun with the chalkboards. Your drawing of spring is very beautiful! I love the little Bluebird.

Michelle said...

Wonderful artwork. Love your blog.

Chole White said...

The best thing I've done in a long time was painting my coffee table with chalk board paint. Can't even keep the *adults* from drawing all over it.

World Wide Alternative said...

Words huh? Full on!
Now how did he manage that on the sly?
Genius I tell you! Genius! Xxx

Lizz said...

I like the spring piece alot!

amanda said...

Your equinox drawing is so pretty!! It looks like your boys are following in your footsteps in being fine young artists. After seeing your post and Lizz's over at Red Dirt I really want to try this :)

Nikki said...

I found chalkboard "fabric" at Gayfeather Fabrics on Willy St if you're interested... I'm hoping to make a placemat to take to restaurants or long trips.

tiff said...

When I taught in the classroom...I would have the children draw while I was so much fun. And easy to get them to share what was going on in their heads as I read aloud. Our boys' use to do this...but now I can't get them out of a book...not that I am trying that hard...giggle :)

Boy your blog has really taken is so fun to see all the new faces that are cool!

BTW your boys' are truly beautiful beings!!!

Hi! said...

What fun! Impressive drawings and lettering. Is it the chalkboard or the chalks or both that give such rich color? We need to upgrade. ;-)