Thursday, January 20, 2011

soaking up the rays.

I hear ya. All the blogging out there about the winter doldrums, cold, and desperation for spring. But we have a while to go - winter has a lot more to dish out.

So some January freeze eye candy. Warmth, home, sunshine, blue skies and pretty clouds.

Everything and everyone loves to soak up the sun when it gets this cold. Cats,



plants, and ... me.

And that is what we need, when we start feeling funky. Sun.

Well, that and garden dreaming.

Tonight we will hit -16º below zero with -20º to -30º windchills. But that is OK. We are safe and warm, and enjoying the sunshine and blue sky.

What do you do to lift your spirits in the mid-winter?



Jessica said...

Winter for me is a time of turing inward and doing more at home.Knitting, crocheting, sewing, reading.I enjoy that.But then we dont get anywhere near as cold as you guys, and no snow.It MIGHT go down to about winter, at night, but not very often.Right now its warm, not as hot as usual but to warm for my easily burned skin I sit and read all about the lovely cool snowy weather you guys are enjoying.It makes the hot aussie summers, well, bearable:)

Stephanie said...

That's cold.

I have seen a couple people say "spring!" and I'm thinking "what?! winter only just started!! we have a looong way to go." :)

Streaming sunlight becomes imperative to me in the winter. (Which is why I take lots of pictures of glowing things - even furniture. :) ) I need it like I need breath. It definitely sustains me.

Tea... warm, cushy socks... lots and lots of books... sunlight through windows... lots of imaginative play... these things are my Winter.

sarah@theunwrapping said...

oh, these pictures are just the thing. LOVE that first one.

yes, the sun. mmmm.

Tara said...

Drinking lots of wine helps me get through the winter.........kidding.....sort of LOL.

No really, taking photographs, baking and old movies make winter's long freeze easier on the spirit for me.

Love you pics btw :)

Anonymous said...

I know I'm one of the people "out there" whining about winter. :) I'm not really sick of it...just needed some serious sunshine. We got that today. We got out today and walked around the neighbourhood (despite it being -22 C.) and played games and took pictures. It was heaven really.
Funny enough, winter is my favourite season, I'm just feeling a little "in the dumps" as Isaac would say. But after a great day today, I'm feeling renewed.

Hot tea, warm slipper socks, books and knitting and board games and as much sun as I can get. I think if the sun keeps up I'll be great. xo

Annie said...

I'm chuckling because I was just writing about our winter weather. I'm so jealous of your sun! We get outside regardless of the weather for at least a few minutes every day. If my daughter ever wakes up, we'll be heading out for a walk across town to the library. We sleep a lot more in the winter.

Emily Landmann said...

Hope for sunny days to enjoy from inside. hope for days that aren't "too cold" to go out and play a bit--maybe with the snowshoes, drink coffee, read another blog post, pull out a big jigsaw puzzle, bake, try to remember to smile and enjoy what I have. :)

jane said...

i can feel the sunshine! thank you!

Dawn said...

I actually saw a bit of blue sky today, and I was over the moon happy! It's not so cold here in Seattle, but it's the gray skies for days on end that drive me a little batty this time of year.

MJ said...

Oh gosh, I feel guilty a bit responding as we don't get any "below" temps here in FL. But, I will tell you what I notice, for many bloggers that do live in the deep cold, like yourself, I see so much inspiration in your photos, so much hope and appreciation for all things that give comfort. That is what I love and why I visit...