Tuesday, January 18, 2011

robot battle arena.

We've had some lovely snow - which means a lot of snuggling down at home, and trips to the sledding hill. We've had a few fun things stashed away and the snow was the perfect excuse to pull them all out.

New card games and books, and a paper robot battle kit. Ooooh yeah. Robots are big in this house. Both real and toy robots. This kit has paper robots to assemble which are slipped onto a wind up 'motor' base on wheels and they move. A sensor of sorts makes them turn when they encounter an edge. There is a raised battle arena.

So on their own, the robots go in circles around the stage. When facing off, one must inevitably push the other off of the edge. Score! Yes, lots of little boy yelling and cheering goin' on.

The boys need a little bit of help with all of the scoring/gluing/folding, so to make whole thing out all week for full excitement, they want to assemble just one each per day.

I was waiting to see how long it would take them before they wanted to start modifying, changing, re-vamping, and altering designs and motors to suit their own ideas.

They have already started plotting. We have some interesting modifications ahead of us, and several more days of robot battles to say the least!



Tara said...

Fantastic robot kit!

Let the battles begin :)

Stephanie said...

When I saw this in my dashboard, I thought it was Tara's! :)
I didn't figure out it was yours until I got here. lol

We haven't snow, but rain - so crazy... rain for like four days...but the cold comes back today.
I'm thinking "new ideas", and "jazz it up", too. We'll see what happens.
Have a lovely day!

denise said...

Stephanie - Yes, I think Owen and my guys all have a similar passion for robots/robotics. :)

Lisa said...

i love those kits! and battling is the most fun with robots!
i love your header photo!!!!
have a great week

Tara said...

Thank you for visiting earlier today. I have two little boys that would love that kit also. BIG robot fans here too.

Dawn said...

These robots do look like fun! I know my son would love to play with those.

brianna said...

Nic would adore this, I don't see how to buy the kit from the link. Help??

Victoria said...

What a great idea. My son would love these.

denise said...

brianna - Picked it up at Barnes & Noble.


brianna said...

Awesome, thanks!

cate said...

see, this is the stuff that us moms who had little girls before having little boys need to know about. my son would be all over this! and, well, it looks pretty fun if he needs a little help.

happy battling!