Tuesday, December 13, 2011

get moving! winter inside and outside.

This time of year is about moving as much as it is also about pulling in and slowing down for the dark cold winter. With two boys we have to keep moving, no matter the weather!

Both A and G have a lot of energy and love being active. For us that means that while we do still like to get outside in the winter, a lot of what we do is inside (it gets cold in WI in winter!). The challenge is to find a fun variety of things to keep it interesting without taking up much space in our small house. We do have some out of the house action - A has karate a few times a week and both boys take a private dance class together weekly. We also have many other ways to go go go right here at home.

  • We have a small exercise trampoline in the living room.
  • The boys love the yoga ball for balancing, jumping, and tricks.
  • We have table tennis and electronic darts.
  • We love active games like twister or wii sports.
  • We have been known to rollerblade in the dining room and sometimes pull out a futon in the living room for gymnastics extravaganzas.
  • Of course I can't leave out daily dancing to loud music. Every day!
  • The boys have wooden crossbow and bow & arrow sets and a felt target for the front door.
  • We try to get outside for a walk or to a park whenever the weather is do-able, even if for a short time.
  • If it ever snows (!) we will be outside sledding and playing in that too!
  • We have rings to mount in an archway (I just need the anchors!)

This month the boys decided they wanted to do a 30 day wiiFit challenge, and so the 4 of us are doing 30 minutes a day each of yoga, balance training, strength training or cardio. It feels good to get moving even when it is blech outside - and it is a necessity when our winters can be so long.

What do you do in the winter to keep moving and active? What is your favorite in the house get moving activity?


Tara said...

I've suggested a dance class to Owen who is still considering it - sounds like fun to me!

Gosh we need some snow for sledding and snowman making... where is it all???

Have a good week :)

Francesca said...

our house is too small for any kind of indoor activity - except for making and flying paper airplanes! :)
Fortunately, our winters aren't too long, even though they always feel that way.

Michelle said...

Isn't it hard to go oitside when there is no snow? The ground is frozen solid and there is not really anything to do. I hate that and am hoping for snow as you are. You have lots of things going on for the boys so I am sure they'll get lots of exercise. I, on the other hand, do not like roughhousing in the house so apart from yoga, we get most of our exercisind done outside and it is cold here too!

denise said...

Michelle - It is true. When it is dark and the world is gray and brown there is nothing to DO outside. Snow is fun though!

My guys are not really "roughhousing" kids. A is my sensory guy and he doesn't like people in his space too much or a lot of physical contact. So we mostly have things that are active singular person stuff. I think if we didn't have a trampoline that they would probably just run in circles for hours, but that gives them a safe spot to let off some of that energy in a fun way! Same with things like the table tennis and darts. Competitive and active, but not touching/wrestling. Works great! :)

denise said...

Tara - Their dance lessons are for hip hop dance. They enjoy learning the more funky moves and steps. Like the spinning on the floor stuff. :) They might switch it to tap or something after awhile so they can learn some new styles!

Francesca - We have a pretty small house too. It is always a challenge to find places to put things! I try to find things that can be put away or are portable. The table tennis goes right on the dining room table. The trampoline is only 3 feet across so can tuck into a corner, the darts mount on a wall. Makes it easier to manage without tripping on everything!

Stephanie said...

The other day I put those three wii games I want in my cart at Amazon... that night two of them were gone--sold out!! gah!! (waiting for shopping money)
Nowhere, nowhere, no where, called my local Gamestop, not there, yesterday called again, and Gamestop had them, so went to pick them up. oof! :) Was worried there, for a minute!