Tuesday, May 17, 2011


May 2011

Do you ever dig through your photos and find photos from every year at the same time? I find myself every few months thinking...hmmm, I wonder what we were doing last year at this time. And then I keep digging and going along.

May 2010

May 2009

May 2008

May 2007

Today I looked through photos of my boys - best buddies, brothers. And yes, every year at this time I have photos of them together (of course). I imagine this going on and on and on, through the years, looking back, sharing, how big they will be, how much they will grow.

Can you imagine?



MJ said...

Your boys are beautiful. And they are beautiful together. It shines through in their eyes and faces. I do wonder how the years will progress our relationships together. I imagine, with a little prayer, that it'll just keep getting better :).

Shady Lady said...

I love the shots through the years. Such sweet brothers. It is so amazing how much they grow and change each year, yet so much remains the same. Lovely...

Francesca said...

What a sweet set. If my photos were more organized, I would do the same.

Erin said...

I have two boys and these kinds of things really remind me of their own sweet relationship, too.

Great captures!!

Frogcreek said...

I love this! Isn't it amazing and frightening how quickly the years pass? Sigh..

Flo said...

It's like a time capsule. Shocking how much they grow right before our eyes and we don't see it until we look back. Oh, my.

Julie said...

Love this! I love seeing the relationship evolve and grow with my own two boys, it's special indeed:)