Sunday, February 13, 2011

garden dreams.

We have had a rough week full of asthma attacks, ear infections/rupture, urgent care and a little guy who still feels just terrible. Those rare quiet moments I have had with a sick boy trying to sleep on my lap and a bigger boy tucked under an arm reading a book, I have been sneaking peeks at my garden notebook and flipping through all of the garden inspiration I have checked out from the library. I'm a little behind, I feel, although I greedily look forward to some time in the upcoming weeks to catch up on it all after all this, this.

I have been re-working the garden plan a bit. My back can't handle as much labor intensive work, and so I'm adding more things that can just be. More fruiting bushes, columnar fruit trees, more culinary and medicinal herbs, more cutting flowers, and some fun 'room like' nooks for the boys.

Of course I know I'll still plant a ridiculous amount of veggies, but I'm doing more in pots again, and will be trying to train/tie/grow things straight UP so there is better air flow, light and easier access for me without crawling around.

We have been sorting through all of the seeds we still have, going through my notes of what worked and didn't work in our small space last year, and finalizing the seed starting schedules for everything (must start soon! eek!) to come.

On the one hand I'm excited to look forward to another garden season and these great changes, but I'm also a bit wiped out after the past few weeks of sick boys and gardening seems like a lot of work to this tired mom - I will admit thoughts of just planting all marigolds have crossed my mind. ;) I know that will fade as my asthma boy gets his health back and we'll be ready to roll on this seasons garden...and I'll be excitedly looking forward to it all again!

I'm hoping to share my list of what we are growing again this year. It is nice to always have it to see and compare and hear what everyone else is, soon!

As I sketch and finalize and think about the garden, I love going through the photos from previous summers. They are inspiring and full of heat and light, and they remind me of what I liked and wanted to tweak. Of course in February they are also eye candy, and a sure sign that spring will indeed arrive.



Andrea said...

This week is going to be better, I just know it! The garden will unfold as it needs to, one step at a time. Enjoy the planning, and the process, the fun will return once this storm has passed.

Tara said...

Your beautiful photographs were so lovely to see this morning...

Owen has begun to plan his little garden as well - he picked up his first pack of seeds this weekend ~ his favorite, heirloom Italian Basil.

Sorry you are still struggling with an ill boy.... try to rest up and dream of lush, green gardens!

Jacqui said...

Oh hugs(()). Once you plunge your hands into the soil, your worries will disappear. Lovely to look at last years glorious colour - so beautiful. xx

Julie said...

Sorry your still dealing with illness, I can somewhat relate although we've been well now for going on 2 weeks.

Beautiful photographs!

I love looking back on photographs of my garden, thank goodness for my blog:)

My husband has been planting away recently (beets, lettuce, arugula, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, mustard greens, kale, collards, ect..), some have sprouted and are under lights in our grow room. I'm already feeling overwhelmed:)

Going to revamp how we did things last year as well to a more manageable scale for our family.

dawn klinge said...

I always love reading about your garden plans too. Last year, I didn't have a garden and I really missed it. This year, I will try again. I've never gardened in this climate that I live in now, so there will be a lot of learning to do.
I'm sorry that it has been such a rough month for you and the boys. Spring will be here soon!

mamaraby said...

I can sympathize with the need for more "let it be" kinds of plants. I've looked a bit a seed catalogs lately, but to be honest I'm having a hard time getting into it. As much as I welcome the return of the sun, I'm not sure that I'm ready to move into the dawning new season just yet.

Francesca said...

Wow, onderful photos!
I'm so, so sorry that your boy is still sick, and hope he'll be well as soon as possible.
I've also been dreaming about gardening, and assessing some of those dreams against reality!
Sending healing thoughts.

erin said...

Gorgeous photos Denise! I too, am excited about the promise of earth under my nails and fresh green anything to munch on!!! We were out on a walk today and saw lovely deadfall that we are going to return and collect for pea sticks...and on the way home stopped into our local seed purveyor and browsed and bought Matthew's first seed pick of the year, organic romaine lettuce 'Coastal Star'. If the temps rise a little this week, I'll be out there, turning compost, edging beds with my half moon edger, planting peas and radishes.... This week I drop off all of my tools for sharpening! Can't wait!

Hoping the lengthening days bring strength to your's soo hard when they aren't well...


lisbonlioness said...

A certain gingerbread snowflake sent me over, and I am so glad she did! I shall now sit back and read your blog, my favourite book can wait!

Anonymous said...

Would LOVE to know where you buy your seeds from and the types/flavors you think work the best in our area. We are breaking ground on our FIRST veggie garden and it is feeling very overwhelming. We know we want to grow carrots, sweet peppers, green beans and tomatos but there are so many options for those!