Wednesday, February 02, 2011

blizzard, the morning after.

We woke today with snow blocking our windows and doors, a world of white, with no sidewalks or road to be found. Throughout the morning everyone has slowly started to dig out. The wheel loaders/plows have come through our road out front a few times and the snow is now piled well above my head along the sides.

The boys went out immediately, and found themselves stuck. Deep to hip or waist, sinking, unable to walk or move. G is light, so he quickly discovered he could crawl along the top without sinking.

A is bigger so he sinks on his knees still, but can lie flat and scoot along on his belly. They made it to the one part of cleared sidewalk down the block, stranded, wondering how to get back. ;) They love it!!!!!!

My husband is shoveling in spurts...the drifts are waist high or more in some places, and even with a lot of shoveling, he has made it only about 12 feet from our front door to the main sidewalk! I'm not even going to think about the driveway (the plows haven't come through our alley yet anyway, so...).

But we don't have anywhere to be today (and our city is basically shut down), so no worries. I am warm inside making mulled cider on the stove, warming up the soup and bread I made yesterday, and enjoying games with my boys.

I'm sure my guys will be outside another 25 times today. They will be able to get around a little better as people clear their sidewalks. Those sheer shovel walls are a great base to dig forts from too - and I know we will be out helping them tunnel and carve some caves!

And in case you couldn't tell in the photos how high the drifts near our front door are, G wanted to stand in front of one to give some perspective - almost up to his head. We have some shoveling to do!

Happy Wednesday!



Unschoolers Rock the Campground said...

Maybe they will have memories of this like I do from the Blizzard of 78 in Boston. I remember the walls of snow being taller than me in places. So so fun.
I'm so glad you are safe and warm and enjoying it all.

Dawn said...

That's incredible! I've always wanted to build a snow cave but have never seen that much snow in one place. I bet your boys will remember this winter forever.

Anonymous said...

We are still in the middle of a "blizzard" warning. We expected a lot more last night but got a bit of snow and mostly crazy winds. I thought our trees would topple.

I wonder how we'll fair the rest of the day. Glad you are indoors, safe and warm. Looks like a blast. xo

Astrid in Bristling Acres said...


We got a lot of snow but I think you guys got more. My husband is out plowing our driveway with our tractor. My husband got his car stuck in our driveway last night- the snow drifts were too high for him to drive through! We're home....and the girls are enjoying a bit of homeschooling. :)

Maiz Connolly said...

That looks like so much fun! I experienced some big blizzards when I lived on the East Coast. It was always so exciting to see the world transformed.

Julie said...

Wow! I remember snow like this a couple of times as a kid and how fun it was:) We live in the city now, and so usually don't get quite the amount as where I grew up which was closer to the mountains.

We didn't get much snow, just cold temps here. With the wind chill it was -15 yesterday. Brrr!

eidolons said...

I think it's interesting how different the weather can be in the same country. We have our windows open today and it's 71 in the house with a delightfully cool breeze.

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

I see that my new IP puts me as a visitor from Crownpoint, NM. Close, but no cigar!

We were at the back of the storm--it formed just east of us, and we got the snow in waves from the rotation. Albuquerque got hammered, but we didn't get a snow day until today! But the dogs and I played out in it last night. Today, with a high of 2 degrees, it is just TOO COLD!
I love the pics of the boys out in the snow.I remember those wonderful blizzard years of '77 and '78. May they enjoy it. Ours will melt soon. Yours might stay.

se7en said...

That is simply amazing!!! Amazing!!! Wish we could send you some sunny days!!!

Crescent Moon said...

Tunnel digging time! That was my fondest memory from a similar snowfall back in '79.

Melissa said...

You guys definitely got more than we did this round, and I'm a bit jealous! I bet your boys are having a blast. I have many fond memories of digging tunnels through drifts like that- not so many years ago ;o).

Merryweather said...


Francesca said...

Happy shoveling! ("I'd rather shovel soil than snow" - I read it somewhere)

Tara said...

You are such a good sport with all of this snow - we've run out of places to throw it - the banks are so high now.

Good to see the boys enjoying themselves :)

Stephanie said...

Forts! Perfect.
Glad you four are safe and warm, Denise.