Monday, May 24, 2010


We can tell summer is close when everything gets so green and the days turn excruciatingly hot. When the kids on our block pour out into their side yards in the evening to play in the hose (I mean, water the garden), fly down the slip'n'slide, run through the sprinkler or splash in a little pool.

When any yard could have lots of wet happy kids and chatting parents - as neighbors congregate to 'catch up' after not seeing as much of each other over the past 6 months and kids go from yard to yard (and back) playing.

The boys love seeing all the kids and playing in the chilly water. Tomorrow is supposed to be another hot one, but we know just what to do to cool down - and we have enough popsicles for everyone!


tiff said...

you have us thinking about getting a slip and slide...our backyard is well...just a yard for would be PERFECT.

i can't believe how warm it was for you guys...we had snow this!

Lisa said...

Wow!! We have rain for most of the week. Your photos are so cute!!!
enjoy the sun

maureen cassidy said...

love your blog!
love your photography.
i am new in town, i am a photographer too. i have 2 kids.
i would love to hang out.

Stephanie said...

wootwoot for the waterplay!
Maybe someday, here. Though if you had asked me yesterday (which is why I didn't leave comments to anyone) I would have been convinced that will never seen the sun again.

This morning I am hopeful. :)

Tara said...

That's a fun way to beat the heat.... we expect temps in the low 90's here today which is a bit too balmy for this mama!!

Jodi Anderson said...

Paige and I plan to stand in front of the fridge all day with the door open.


denise said...

Jodi - See, this heat is a good excuse to come over for coffee/tea or something. We have A/C. And with the high pollen counts/mold levels we have to keep it on & windows closed for our allergies. So the house is cool. Cool. Cool. Doesn't it make you want to come visit? :D

denise said...

Tara - That is HOT too! I'm definitely a cooler weather mama too.

Stephanie - I know! You got snow! In late May! Crazy. Although I should knock on wood since the weather here has been wayyy off normal too, and I wouldn't be surprised to go from 93 to 33 in a week.

Lisa - We now have (unexpected) rain today too. Glad we got out yesterday!

Maureen - welcome to Madison!

Tiff - The slip'n'slide belongs to kids a few houses down, and my boys are drawn to it like a magnet. Yesterday there were kids from all the houses surrounding us lined up into the alley taking turns sliding on it. We have seen some even with tunnels you can slide through. So much fun! :)

dawn klinge said...

I'm looking forward to hot weather! These are such cute pictures. Enjoy. :)

Francesca said...

Sounds like a wonderful way to enjoy the neighborhood. I have fond memories of hot summer nights in the city, when rare neighborly moments would happen among all the people out trying to catch a little breath of cooler air!

Stephanie said...

Yes, definitely hot here! That is so true about "catching up after 6 months." Our neighborhood is the same way.

I love summer. :)

Mama Randa Morning Glory said...

It was 95 degrees today here in Southern Illinois-- in May!! Eeek! Good thing we just got a water table 2 days ago, just in time! The boys don't mind the heat anyway, it's me that can't handle it.