Tuesday, May 11, 2010

street sports.

While A found the perfect sparring gear at a garage sale over the weekend, G found a skateboard. A has one he rarely uses but G did NOT want to ride that one, he wanted his OWN. He was so excited he found one, and when we got home he immediately looked for some gear to go with it so he could get right outside. A has the full set of pads for his rollerblading (the boys love gear) and we found some kneepads and gloves for G. The boys got decked out and went into the alley - A on his blades, G with his new skateboard.

As was expected the always graceful G stepped on and skated off immediately like he had been skateboarding his whole life (I knew he wouldn't need those kneepads, but he wanted gear!). He even had a few tricks down within 30 minutes. Sweet!

He wanted me to take some photos of him, and was pretty cute giving me his skateboarder attitude.

Of course this guy was pretty cute all decked out, playing street hockey with a giant plastic golf club he found. :)

Love it!!!


Candace said...

That picture of G with the skateboarder attitude is the cutest thing I've seen in a long time! They both look so grown up.

se7en said...

Oh Good Grief!!! Your boys are so cute!!! Happy Spring, so nice to see you guys out and about!!!

Lisa said...

i my gosh they are so adorable, I mean, cool!!! love those pics!!
happy week

Stephanie said...

sooo delicious.


erin said...

new follower
just had to tell you that that first picture is too cool!

Tara said...

The gear is half the fun... LOL !

The boys are adorable :0)

Don said...

Gear heaven!

tiff said...

omgoodness...these are fabulous photos...i do think our boys' could have some fun together!

i love the smile under all that gear...and i love that he has a shrek skateboard..."AWESOME-NESS!"

Francesca said...

wow! No, it doesn't look like he needs the kneepads, but I totally understand the need for gear:)!