Tuesday, January 06, 2009

adventure checklist.

What does a four year old need for an indoor exploration adventure trek?

One tent, a rechargeable LED flashlight, night vision goggles, binoculars, a bug net, two head lamps, a lunchbox of toys, safety goggles, a compass and a big comfy cushion. Oh and a snack.



Stephanie said...

As usual, is familiar!

Since we(I) like to keep things organized, Trev has a box in his room for "investigating".
It has his flashlight, walky-talkies, secret agent pen, compass, magnifying glasses... what else???
Love this post, of course.

dawn klinge said...

Ahhh...how cute! I bet it was quite the adventure. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Denise,

I am going to show this to Seth tomorrow. He is kind of a gear head and he's already got the "shaking" flashlight and a compass. I like the idea of indoor tent time. It's good to have a micro change of scenery.

Loved the goggle shot t0000 cute!

+ Alis

Lynch Family said...

Ah yes! Evie has her "detective kit." Which consists of notebook, pen, compass, sunglasses, bug goggles, a jar of magic sand, a granola bar and . . . underwear. You should see what is in her purse!

Jodi Anderson said...

All these years later, and I'd probably still hang out in a livingroom tent all day if I could. ;)

Sara said...

Yes, sounds like an excellent checklist. I love adventure days.

Anonymous said...

AND a really nice puffy pillow with a washable case on it ;)
Love this!

Dawn said...

What an adventure!

I like the sheets over the couches ones too!


TCallihan said...

definitely can not forget the snack! Have fun adventuring

tiff said...
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Anonymous said...


In a blog entry the other day, you showed a picture of a green book case with three shelves that you store baskets of toys, etc on.

I'm curious where you got this book case from - I am looking for one exactly like this to store baskets of toys!

I love the color - did you paint it or did you buy it that color?


denise said...

"anonymous" - I got the folding green bookshelf over 15 years ago in Chicago. Don't remember where...Sorry!