Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Creative Days.

When the days get this hot (and buggy), we spend a little more time inside. I love seeing how the boys just play and play and go from one thing to another - always together.

I hurt my back last week. You know, that can't stand up, can't sit down, can't lie down, can't get out of bed, can't bend over, can't walk, can't sit in the car, can't put on your pants, hurting every moment kind of back thing? Yeah, that. So for me the best and only thing is to be doing something - distracts me from the back hoopla. And with the heat and mosquitoes, the boys are happy to be inside with me puttering away making things, writing, drawing, painting, playing.

The past few mornings I have just been putting out all kinds of supplies on our table so that we can just create and play with whatever catches our interest as the day goes on. Markers and sketchbooks, clay, chalk and chalkboards, paint supplies, glue and paper - all kinds of stuff. The boys will wander off to play robots from space together, read books, or play on the deck, but always come back to make something again.

Today G started rolling clay into balls. He had a few "pirate coins" from a museum store but wanted to make more. So he rolled little balls and pressed the coin imprints to the clay.

We are letting them dry and then he wants to paint them silver like quarters. Love it!

We also painted today. The boys have been wanting something more than just watercolors, so we have been drawing with sharpies on watercolor paper first, and then painting over that. Both boys have also been experimenting with splattering! They were excited with how their paintings turned out, so we framed them.

I love having kids art in the house as we would hang any art. Just because a 3 year old created it doesn't mean it should be relegated to a cork board. If I can hang my art, then they can hang theirs. We have art by all of us throughout the house - and we can rotate it, change it, or add new things whenever we want. Makes a house feel like a home, livens up the room, and makes us all feel good! (Too bad it doesn't work on backs!)


Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

praying your back gets better soon

sounds like lots of fun and learning going on

Love how you put their art in photo frames I shall have to do that sometime


Lizz said...

I'm sorry about your back. I do know that sort of pain/pinched nerve/spasm. Arnica!! And I also know that this is my message to slow down and look at my stress.

Love the framed paintings, kid art is wonderful!

Straight and strong vibes to you, Denise.

Wendy said...

dang! i wish we were neighbors!

Jodi Anderson said...

I'm so glad that we're not the only ones hiding out inside. I have projects (especially the unmasked photo series) that I want to be doing outside, but the thought of draping X in ten pounds of hot material and putting a mask on is appealing to neither of us.

I'm sorry to hear about your back and I hope that it irons itself out quickly. It certainly does help, at least a little, to be distracted.

I always enjoy seeing what your boys are doing. And, your dining table seems like the most awesome work space ever!

dawn klinge said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your back. The pirate coins were such a creative cool! I love how that painting looks in the frame.

Anonymous said...

I hope your back gets better soon...get thee to a chiropractor!

We have framed kid art too. Whyever not? It's beautiful! Of course, my kids also think they can give their paintings to the museum, and that one was hard to explain to them :-)

Anet said...

Oh my backache sister!!! Mine is getting better. Ice and heat... repeat!!! Works great.

Nice art! We have a whole art gallery in the stairway and hallway. It's so wonderful!!! It always makes me smile when I walk pass. But ours are not framed as nice as yours!

Anonymous said...

Best wishes for your back! That happens to me too from time to time.

The last painting that your son is holding could be in a museum. It is amazing modern art!

Chris said...

Aren't the mosquitoes terrible all over again?
We had a similar day yesterday too - started making dough for homemade cheese breadsticks & ended up giving half of the dough to my own two boys. It kept them busy (and gave me quiet time) for easily half an hour!
Hope your back gets better soon.

denise said...

Thanks everyone!

Lizz- I am going to try that. I can't take even tylenol because it gives me hives and I need something!

wendy - me too. :)

anet - the frames that were on sale for $4. it is just a frame with a mat tends to make them pop a bit more, and makes the boys feel important, so we frame! :) i have found some lovely frames at garage sales too - then we can paint the FRAME too!

alexis - I agree. Art is so subjective - and as kids paint freely and are not afraid to fail, their paintings are bold and abstract and interesting!

anthromama - I do indeed need a chiropractor or acupuncture. i haven't found an office who will watch my boys during my appointment though. ;) or that has appt. hours when my husband is actually home. aak!

Anonymous said...

Oh! I'm so sorry about your back! I hope you heal quickly!

The kid art is beautiful! It definitely deserves to be on the wall.

brianna said...

Looks like a wonderful way to spend the hot muggy days. We are starting a co-op for our unschooling group and I can't wait to do the air-dry clay pendants, we've never worked with that before.


Sharon said...

What a full day. I can't imagine what it's like around there when you're pain free! :)

Take care of yourself!!!

Anonymous said...

Really enjoying your blog. I would love to live down the street from you -- then we could hunker down inside to avoid the heat & do art together. I like to copy your ideas & I can feel the joy and wonder you get from your boys. Best to each of you! --Nancy in NC,

Christie said...

The bugs have been awful here too. I love your site. You do the coolest things!! Someone mentioned arnica..yes, give it a try. And get yourself to a chiro pronto!!

Kat said...

Theres a chiropractor practice in McFarland that is a husband and wife duo... They specialize in women, and primarily pregnant/postpartum women, so they're used to kids in the office...

I haven't used them, but heard good things. I can't find them googling...

I'd be happy to text message you the names if you're interested.

Just thought I'd drop ya a line.

I hope you're feeling better, back pain encompasses everything and every movement. Ouch.


RunninL8 said...

Ok. Anthromama just freaked me out. i read your post and thought"get thee to the chiropractor!" WEIRD!
Alternate Ice and Heat every 20 min as often as you can. Arnica oil smeared on your back and a hot pack placed over it can be heavenly. Hope all is better soon!!!!
And beautiful crafties, guys!!!!

denise said...

RunninL8 -

Thanks! I may try that too. I spoke to soon on the relief and the searing hot poker in my hip and lower spine is back tenfold...and my acupuncture/massage appointment isn't until TUESDAY (argh! noone could see me sooner - what are people supposed to DO for 7 days of excruciating pain????). So I'm needing some big time relief...NOW! :) Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Here via Crafty Crow...I love the sharpies-and-watercolor paintings that were featured there, but I LOVE the coin imprints! What a creative household. :-) I hope your back is better soon!

Rachel said...

Wow - the paintings really do look like they should be hanging in a museum - great work!!

Angela Fehr said...

Love the watercolors. My oldest is 5 and never gets tired of painting watercolors alongside me - though I have a hard time sharing my Arches 300#!

I may have to bookmark your blog - also have preschoolers, am starting homeschooling this year and am an artist.

Off to scrounge up some textured stuff for our airdry clay!

Tanya Willis Anderson said...

What great artwork! I'll have to give this a go with my guys.


Anonymous said...

Great projects! We'll be making some pirate coins. Please thank your son for the great idea! Sorry about your back. My husband & I have occasional back spasms, and this 11"x21" ice pack is our favorite thing:
We always have to rest for 3 days, and it sucks! A chiropractor once told me that these spasms are your body's way of protecting your spinal column. When you are doing something that jeopardizes your spinal cord, the muscles freeze up to make you stop doing it. I don't know why, but that thought sometimes helps me when I'm laying there on the ice! Good luck.

Anonymous said...

fantastic. so glad i ran across your blog!

be blessed.

Regina said...