Wednesday, June 04, 2008

One year ago.

I was going through my photos and saw pictures from one year ago this week.

The photos from my garden at this time last year show big baskets of herbs freshly picked, tomatoes on the vine, blueberries on the bush, full rose bushes - we are nowhere near that yet this year! Not one rose, or blueberry or tomato. We have had such a cold spring, with almost no rain until the last week or so. Things are getting green, but plants are pretty small. Many farms in the area have reported issues with planting and spring crops. Sadly, even our CSA is delayed a week since nothing is large enough to harvest! It has been very chilly and rainy for several days, but it looks like we'll be in the upper 80's later this week. What a roller coaster "spring"!

These photos of the boys are of them playing in the water on a hot day (June 6, 2007). They have grown so much!


tiff said...

Denise your children are so beautiful...and oh boy have they grown in just one is so much fun to look back.

...and it has certainly been a cold and wet spring...i wonder if we will have a long lasting summer...we can hope.

Anonymous said...

yeah, weird spring here too. it's been cold and rainy for a week. the rain is normal, but the cold temps...definitely not.

Jodi Anderson said...

I love 'this time, last year' posts. I do about one a month thanks to Photojojo via Flickr.

I like the cool weather of yesterday and today, but am terrifed because I heard the words "eighty-five" and "muggy" yesterday. Yikes. I'll take that ticket to Alaska now!!

dawn klinge said...

It's a cold day here today as well. Your boys sure are cute. They seem to have such a happy life. I enjoy reading about all the fun things you do with them.

Sharon said...

It's 50 and raining here! Enjoy your beautiful weather. I bet your garden will starting growing wildly from joy if you get those 80's!

Tara said...

The weather has been very hit and miss here as well. We are so excited for our first CSA season. I've been dreaming of bundles of amazing garden-fresh produce. I hope the weather cooperates!

piscesgrrl said...

I'm using the cold, long spring as my excuse for why I haven't gotten many things planted.

Nevermind the fact that I plant late every year... :)

Anet said...

They grow like weeds when you let play in the water like that! lol
We have had a rollercoaster spring also. I have many rose buds and some strawberries but they seem to have stopped growing. I guess they are waiting for the warmth of the sun.

Lisa Anne said...

The life of a farmer is intricately woven around the weather. I am amazed that you have had tomatoes and blueberries "on the vine" the first week of June. You must be in a lot warmer zone. We are just now planting our tomatoes as we have most likely just had our last frost. We are harvesting lots of greens and have already had a couple booming farmers' market days.
The boys look so sweet playing in the water.

denise said...

Lisa Anne - Last year most of May was in the 80s, with normal rain, so everything was big early. I was surprised looking at the photos, actually, because even my beds were filled and vines were already climbing and I have NONE of that yet this year...but my cabbage and swiss chard is looking good! :)

For our CSA, they said it is the first time in 11 years that they have had to delay the start of the season!

Laura -- but then you will have big veggies in Septemeber while everyone else is finishing up, so that won't be too bad!

Interesting many of you seem to be having a cool spring too. Wonder what the summer will bring (probably, as Jodi mentioned, HOT and MUGGY)!