Tuesday, June 17, 2008


The boys miss Monkey. A lot. But they also feel bad for Dax, who has been a best friend to Monkey for over 15 years. Dax is super needy the past few days. And at night when we are all in bed, she howls through the house. Sweet kitty. So, the boys wanted to be sure that she got some attention on this blog too.

So, this is Dax. Her nickname is Poopie. Or, as the boys also now call her, Poopalicious. She is almost 16 years old. She is super snuggly. She likes to sneak outside and eat grass whenever the boys leave the screen open (which is often). She loves to watch birds from the window - especially Dover. She is extremely opinionated and chatty. She likes to sleep on legs.

She has always been the baby. The youngest of three cats. Now she is an only cat. But she is getting a lot of attention and love.


Lizz said...

Dax looks alot like Monkey.

With kittens at our house I wish I could sent one to you!

Maymomvt said...

Our cats were carried off by owls last fall and we're ready for a kitten....but the kids have to prove they know their multiplication tables first! bribery...one of my favorite parenting styles :)

Tanya Willis Anderson said...

What a precious feline you have there. We have a maine coone, Madeline, who turns 13 this month. Aren't cats wonderful? I enjoy your blog!

Hi! said...

My heart goes out to you and your family for the loss of your dear sweet Monkey. I lost my best bud kitty to cancer 4 years ago.

What a pretty kitty Dax is! Love her nicknames. Our Merle became Merlie-poo, and now he's known as Poo Poo.

I'll be thinking of you guys, take care.

Anet said...

Oh.... Dax is so cute, my goodness she looks like she could be Monkey's sister. I love calicos,
I had one named Jasmine for 19 years.
Lots of hugs to Dax!XXXXXXXXXX

dawn klinge said...

Dax is sure a cute cat. I love that first close up photo. I feel so sorry for Dax losing her friend. I think our cat, Madeline, wouldn't be upset if the other cat, Baby, were gone...I wish they were friends.

Anonymous said...

Dax looks like such a sweet girl. She's got beautiful eyes. It must be so hard for her to loose her kitty companion.

After one of my two cats passed earlier this year, the other cat moped around the house for a few weeks. It broke my heart when I would see him obviously looking for her in her usual hiding spots only to find her not there. It's been a few months, and now I think he's moved on. We briefly thought about getting another cat for him, but honestly I think he's loving life now as a single cat :)

Teaching Handwork said...

we are so blessed to have animal friends. sending you hugs

Kitty Mommy said...

Awww...kitty smooches for Dax! When Kitty Man passed last August, Kitty Chai was so clingy, too. She still needs a lot more people attention that she did when fuzzy little brother was around.

Sharon said...

She's beautiful and sounds like she has a great disposition! She's a very lucky girl to have two sweet boys looking after her!!!!

tiff said...

DAX has personality...we are not cat people, as you know...a dog yard of 24 and a cat...well don't mix...plus allergies.

So it is fun to see a cat lifestyle in another home...although Rohnan is just trying to get a cat so badly...i think he would like the snuggles.

your photos are beautiful.

RunninL8 said...

Poor sweet ki-ki.
And I'm so sorry about your monkey. It's so strange, isn't it, to bring a pet into your life from babyhood and to watch them grow right into old age while we remain pretty much the same(physically)?
I'm sad for you yet glad you all got to experience the tender and loving goodbyes.
Now go spoil poopy some more!

Jodi Anderson said...

Awww, I love Dax's cute tongue.

Tara said...

Love the tongue shot! We had a cat who did that when she was happy - the happier she was, the further the tongue went out. We called it her happy meter.
It's so sweet that the boys are concerned about Dax and in tune with what she needs. She looks like a sweet girl.