Tuesday, May 20, 2008


MountainPulse had the idea to re-visit the week of color theme that many bloggers did a month or two ago. I love posting image themes and have been taking a ton of photos with my new camera, so I will play along in addition to my normal blog posts. Here are the colors:

monday: green
tuesday: yellow
wednesday: orange
thursday: red/pink
friday: blue
sat/sun: purple

I am a day behind, so today I have green and yellow!



Thank you for all the well wishes for A...he is feeling quite a bit better, and not surprisingly, was very willing to be fairly still most of the day yesterday and today!


Tammy said...

I love the dandelions and candle together!

dawn klinge said...

Great photos...I'm loving this color week thing. The green seedlings contrast so beautifully against the dark soil.

Jodi Anderson said...

I have been wanting to do a week of color FOREVER, but I would be two days behind ... so, would you like to do it again sometime? You could call the week (or I could or someone else). Maybe next month?

Also, I love the post above with the boys' canvases. They turned out great!

Anet said...

Oh there's nothing better than a fist full of dandelions from your little boy! so cute.

denise said...

Jodi-I'd love to do another color week in a month or so. :) New colors, or other ideas?