Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Feels Like Summer.

What a glorious day. It was 80º. Just one day only, but that is enough.

This morning we met a fellow mom blogger and her two boys at our local botanical garden to let the boys run and play. And run (and run and run and run) they did! A and G both had a blast, and after only 45 minutes were hot, tired, and done. A said he hadn't felt this hot in AGES.

From there we visited a local garden center to pick up a few things, and to arrange delivery of mulch. Back at home, the boys helped me prep the rest of the garden until the delivery came. After that, we shoveled, raked, and smoothed mulch (for hours!). Such a summery day!

The boys are so great in the garden. They are young, so I wouldn't say they "help" (things take longer when they are involved), but they participate whole-heartedly and happily. Today they used their shovels to load their dump trucks with mulch, drive the trucks to the beds, and dumped their loads.

We found some lawn decorations this week as well--gnomes and rain gauges. All good to make the boys feel that this is their garden too. The gnomes visited many places throughout the garden this afternoon - and settled in great spots. We have a few craft projects coming up to make some more garden decor - just right for little hands.

We also planted some things today - 2 red currant bushes (yay!), swiss chard, cabbage, peas, beans, and some flower seed to cover the utilities. We added some soil amendments to our square patch, and will soon plant some root veggies there. We also have soil for pots. So much more to do!

It was a long day of work, but we broke it up with lots of play - bubbles, t-ball, basketball, and bicycling. A has also been carrying around a notebook and writing the words for everything we are doing. "Mom, how do you spell mulch?" I think A fell asleep before his head hit the pillow tonight - tired, happy boys.

The forecast is rain, cooler temps, and clouds. But that is just right for me. The yard looks great, some things are planted, and I need a day inside!


Sharon said...

Wow. You and your boys wore me out just reading about your day! Sounded wonderful. Gorgeous shot of the nest....are there eggs?

Lizz said...

Hi Denise.

We too have been at it. Sunburned I am!

That book you're reading Death by Supermarket looks right on. I know the story enough to think, maybe I don't even have to read the book!

Enjoy your yard work.

dawn klinge said...

I love feeling that kind of complete exhaustion that I get from working in the yard all day. You got some great pictures in between all that hard work today.

tiff said...

LOVE the gnome! And how fun for it to move around the garden.

Oh and did I mention that I am jealous that you are out gardening in 80F temps...WOW! BTW...we still have SNOW.

World Wide Alternative said...

I love this post. All the pics are amazing!
More! More!
I'm gardening vicariously (?) through you guys at the momment as we move out of here really soon & the landlord wants me to rip out our little plot.
I know, it makes me want to cry.
What keeps me going are posts like yours & the fact that Oz will be in Winter when we get back & that means another Spring!
Lucky us!...Xxx

RunninL8 said...

Oh, I can't wait for bubbles, warmth, and feeling fresh tilled soil under my feet...

Kat said...

It was a lot of fun at Olbrich, I just wish it weren't cut so short by depleted emotional energy stores. :)
Your boys are both dolls, really really interesting and undomesticated children, in that good way, of course.

I also love your gnome, he's lovely. I'd give anything to have a gnome of my own - yet DP always snubs his nose at them. (I think I'll get one and hide him in the bushes, just knowing he's there is enough to smile.)

Neat angle on the bubble pic.

Tammy said...

I love that gnome lawn decoration. Wonder if he's got a brother here in town that I can buy and put in my own flower bed. lol.

There's nothing quite like a busy day outside. ;)

Anet said...

I love the gnome!! You guys had such a great day. How fun to meet up with another blogger mom! Today is rainy here too. It's good, we needed some inside time.
My pumpkins and squash look happy today in the rain!

Tara said...

80 degree days... perfect.
I am enjoying all the pics/gardening!!

Lisa Anne said...

Currants!! We are getting ready to plant some and gooseberries and lots of blueberries, I could use two good helpers like your boys around here! Sounds like a lovely day.

Teaching Handwork said...

some fun stuff happening in your area! I haven't been by in a while and have missed out on all this stuff.....spring time...Bubbles!