Thursday, February 22, 2007


The last several months my 4 year old has been into marine life. We started with books about seahorses and seadragons, moved on to coral reefs, rays and skates, and then whales. We visited the aquarium in Minneapolis when we had a 3 day trip there in February and he spent HOURS just petting the cow nosed rays. Fun!

We have been on the lookout for good materials and videos on this subject for him, as I think we have checked out every single book in the entire SCLS on this subject!

I found this great site, the Acorn Naturalists, which has everything!!! Marine life, freshwater life, astronomy, ecosystems, geology, gardening, insects, fish, amphibians, mammals, birds, archaeology. We plan to homeschool too, so I am so excited to find such a great resource.

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