Saturday, June 06, 2009

view from the top.

Today was cold, gray and wet. Before the weekend cold front we got out to enjoy a warm summery day. We were coming home from a garden center with a flat of prairie plants for our new mini rain garden behind our house. From a distance we saw the ferris wheel and knew we had to stop for a bit to wander the fair. It was the perfect day to be outside.

I'm afraid of heights, but hey, part of living and growing is confronting your fears, right? If I can chant my way through an MRI in a tiny tube, I can take pictures hands free while at the top of a spinning rocking metal contraption! ;)

Of course the boys were oblivious to my sweaty palms. They just thought it was fun and that there was a great view from the top. Oh, and that sign down there says 'cotton candy'...can we get some??


Eluciq said...

love ferris wheel photos...always fun to escape to the fair...and you would never know that there was rain a comin'...what a beautiful day!

Anet said...

Gosh, I'm the same way. I lost it in a MRI machine! And I do NOT ride on ferris wheels!
You are so very brave to face your fears, awesome!!

Dawn said...

Ferris wheels scare me a bit as well...especially if I have to take my hands off the bars. You got some great shots though.

Anonymous said...


Magical Mom said...

I love that first picture! The first time I rode a ferris wheel, I was really surprised at how scary they can be. Our fair doesn't come until the end of September. We can't wait.