Saturday, June 20, 2009

Heat it up.

It hasn't felt like summer is almost here. We have had such a cold and gray spring - but over the past few days it finally started to heat up. We also started getting the crazy thunderstorms that make me feel that warm weather is finally here to stay.

When it gets HOT the boys want to get out to the beach. A favorite spot has a good amount of shade and is across the street from an ice cream shop. Perfect! Thursday afternoon we hit the beach a bit to watch the boats go by, get our toes in the sand and eat some popcicles before the storms hit (of course many beaches closed the very next day due to algae - go figure!).

Last night we had another round of storms - but of course wanted to go out for ice cream. We are lucky to be able to take a short drive out into the farmland and have ice cream right at a local creamery. The view was amazing - farms and storms as far as the eye could see.

And today? HOT! The boys wanted to get out in the yard and get wet! They dragged out a pool which has been in the darkest corner of the garage all winter, filled it up and let it warm up a bit before jumping in.

They splashed and played...ahhh, yes, it does feel like summer. The weekend is not over - we have friends coming for a solstice bbq tomorrow, and even more heat is on its way.

Summer, here we come!


Stephanie said...

Lovely post.
It makes me almost excited for scorching heat! :)

Jenell said...

Ooo...thunderstorms...I love them! You can just feel the crackly charge in the air. Happy Solstice to you, Denise.

Jane said...

I'm glad you're getting some summer weather-please send it east!!!:)

Sarah said...

It's still pretty cool and rainy here....doesn't feel like solstice weather to me!

Tara said...

Popsicles and pools...that's a sure way to beat the heat.

I'm almost wishing for some withering heat here.... rain, rain, rain :(

Joy said...

Looks like your boys are having a great time ringing in summer. Happy solstice and I wish you more summery weather to come! (Maybe you could even take some of ours... ;)

Crescent Moon said...

Happy First Day of Summer!
The pool and the ice cream look so refreshing. It's been hovering right around 100 degrees here for the past few days.

trinsch said...

yes, summer is the best! we're also doing the water thing here. preferably the beach, but the little pool in the garden or the sprinklers work too.

happy summer to you :)

Dawn said...

Ice cream and thunderstorms...those are definitely top favorites of summertime for me. Happy Solstice!

Boy Crazy said...

great photos. cute boys, too. :)

found you on Happy Bambino's blogroll! I'll be back. :)