Sunday, June 07, 2009

sunday, sunday.

Today we headed to our favorite science museum to see their new exhibits. The boys always love seeing the familiar, but definitely love exploring the new. The water cycle exhibit was pretty cool. They could see where rain goes - from your roof to the water treatment plant.

We saw how much water weighed, and how far many people on the planet must carry their water every day. We read how much water people use in this country daily (ouch). We compared showerheads for water usage. We saw how plants and fish work together in aquaponics to filter and grow in a beneficial dependency.

We walked through a green built house and compared different types of insulation, paints, flooring, and windows. We looked at different light bulbs, read about fiber optic solar, and saw how much electricity a live eel was generating in a tank (cool!). The boys even got to run and produce kinetic running in what really was a gigantic hamster (uh, human) wheel. They lit up light bulbs running and running.

We explored wind turbines, hydrogen cells, nuclear power, solar power...they felt good about how much they already knew, and excited to find out more about a few new interesting things (electric eels).

A nice break from our intensive gardening efforts of the past month or so. Tomorrow more rain - the boys won't mind though, as we have a new fun game...Earthopoly...and we have some research to do on those electric eels!


amida said...

Sounds like a fun day! It's always nice hearing about museums in other parts of the world.

TheOrganicSister said...

The science museums are the best aren't they? We have the Springs Preserve which has so many fun, "green" exhibits like the houses and electricity demos and even video games on conserving water. lol Our Children's Museum has the wind tunnel and the really hands on, fun stuff. I think we'll be going soon to both with our unschooling group.

Love the newest header btw. :)


Stephanie said...

How fun!
I so wish we had a science museum around here!
We have special events that feature things like that from time to time, but nothing permanent.
Looks like a swell way to spend the day!

Tara said...

Electic eels DO sound interesting! The museum is great.

We're waiting one more week on the garden- the threat of frost is over after the 12th I think. It is really difficult waiting!

Joy said...

How cool! We need a museum like to drive home the bits o' data I'm always feeding my kids about energy/water/carbon consumption. I think for kids, it's hard to understand until they can interact with it like that.

Crescent Moon said...

That looks like a great exhibit! We've been learning about the water cycle, too, as part of our unit about weather.

jane said...

very cool museum. am off to check out the game. have a great week. hope the sun shines soon.

Dawn said...

What a great museum, and that Earthopoly game looks like fun! You've got me wanting to go to the Seattle science museum's been awhile.

Jenell said...

Earthopoly, what a great idea! I always feel zapped after my daughter kicks my butt at Monopoly. I'm afraid the game has steered her into becoming a big business tycoon! Seriously. The girl is maniacle about it!