Thursday, May 31, 2007

Organizing spaces...

I've been feeling a little burned out for the past few weeks. Intense 2 year old, too much work to do (biz work, volunteer work, life work), husband having school work a lot - that I just have been feeling like I am dragging. I decided to re-organize some of my creative space to see if that will help rid me of the cobwebs (that and about 18 cups of iced green tea per day).
I don't feel particularly more motivated or anything, but at least everything seems more balanced and coordinated a bit. It only took about 1 minute for the ribbons to become unwound and wrapped around the entire upstairs as the boys ran excitedly by, and G took it upon himself to individually unravel every spool of vintage thread in the wire basket right after I had carefully organized them, but otherwise it went well. It is about the process, right, anyway? :)
And all of the things in progress or made as a first sample "pattern" on my board made me feel like I'm not slacking off as much in this area and that I have made *some* progress!

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