Sunday, May 20, 2007

Indiana weekend.

We went to Indiana for the kids to visit Oma & Opa this weekend.

On Saturday it was sunny and in the 80's, so we went to a beach on Lake Michigan.

A got to go into the water (waded in up to his waist!), walk with his dad and uncle, and run in the sand.
It was warm enough that people were actually in the water, although I am sure the water itself is still pretty frigid.
I took all of these beach pictures (and those in flikr) from the car. G fell asleep just before we got there, so we let him sleep and I waited with him.
Oma & Opa live a short drive from the lake. It goes from small town to country in no time flat.

Barns in Indiana are a bit different in color and construction than those in my area.
A big highlight of the weekend was the bouncy house in the back yard.
G almost forgot he was miserably allergic to something in the neighborhood, and jumped a bit too.
On our drive home we stopped in Rockford, IL for a visit to the Discovery Center Children's Museum. They loved it there. The science and body areas were great. They piloted planes, shot air from a cannon to displace things, arranged tubes over high power air vents to get balls to float in mid-air, hung from tension bars to gauge strength, sat in a tv studio and acted as news anchors, and then played outside in the biggest park ever and visited some goats, chicks, ducklings, and a freaked out potbellied pig! Of course I didn't want to carry my camera through the museum , so I could only take pix from my phone so I only have one that was decent enough to post!

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