Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Icky afternoon plans.

I don't usually like to write about my personal stuff. I mean, we all have day to day crap - blah blah blah - who doesn't. BUT today I have an appointment that I have been waiting for awhile now. I have to have a Sonohystogram. The idea of saline being injected into me so that they can perform an ultrasound and then do a biopsy - well, doesn't sound pleasant. I was told I would have a little bit of light cramping and to take a few tylenol before-hand. What I was NOT told was that it would be mild DURING the procedure but afterwards I would cramp painfully, and not be able to even stand up or walk let alone drive myself home. I heard THIS nugget of info from a few moms (THANK YOU!). Of course my husband took the afternoon off to watch our two boys at home. And the appointment is all of the way across town. In the midst of the biggest highway construction project of the summer (yes, we only have 1 actual "highway" type of road to get through the entire city). During naptime. And I have 2 spunky boys that won't exactly sit in the car for who knows how long (or nap there, for that matter) - and from my other "regular" doctor experience I guess my appointment will be significantly delayed for some reason or another. SO. Looks like a long day.

UPDATE: Well, I got there and they had changed my appointment (that I waited almost 8 weeks for) without notifying me and said that the appointment had been changed to yesterday. Oh, they said they did try to notify me ... they said someone left a voice mail at my number (checked all incoming/missed calls and voice mails for the last month, nope), and they said an auto reminder snail mail notice was sent (which was in the mail when I got home postmarked late last week - gee, thanks for the notice). I guess I can re-schedule for some time in July or maybe August. So my very first foray into traditional medicine other than childbirth (and even that was with CN Midwives) in something like a decade was a dud. Blech.

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