Monday, May 21, 2007

Fabric Scraps Become Fun Costumes!

I found some cool remnants last week which I bought to make more cloth napkins. There just happened to be 2 pieces of a larger pattern, and 2 strip pieces of the other. The boys found them this week, and immediately claimed them for costumes. First the boys wore them as a sort of toga super hero (super bunnies?!). The big pieces wrapped around bodies, strips became belts and armbands, and silks became capes.

We then proceeded to sumo wrestlers, and the large fabric became the large muwashi belt held on with the strip piece. We read a bit about sumo, and the boys created a dohyƍ circle with chalk, bowed, bent, hands on knees, stomped, clapped, and bowed some more. Of course we didn't wrestle, but it was still fun and interesting!

Of course just wearing their new costumes with capes and running full speed in circles without stopping for 20 minutes was fun too.

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