Tuesday, September 06, 2011

...to long weekends.

I love long holiday weekends with perfect weather. Don't you? This weekend was so busy, but all good busy. And I mean good busy in that I didn't have to touch tomatoes but to make a salad all weekend! ;)

We had family in town, so lots of cleaning and cooking to prepare. And then of course a lot of visiting and catching up!

I had both of my sisters in town on Saturday - at the same time. The three of us haven't been in a room together at the same time in years (my family has 4 siblings living in 4 states). And the boys had some aunt catching up to do.

Sunday was more family time, walks, ice cream and botanical gardens. The boys were happy but exhausted after so much.

So for Monday we knew we needed a laid back day, but wanted to get out in the perfect weather. We headed to Old World Wisconsin, which is one of the largest living history museums in the world (almost 600 acres). So much room to roam!

We walked and wandered and visited all the animals and looked at the gardens and went into each farm. We took tram rides around the farms and through the woods.

We played games and watched wild turkeys. It was a perfect day to be out - pants and fleeces and sunshine and blue skies. I love the cooler air and happy boys who could walk and run and play without worrying about prickly heat, heat rash or sun blisters. SO wonderful!

I'm back to the tomatoes and red raspberries, but that is OK. A little quiet kitchen is good after so much weekend! Happy Tuesday!


Michelle said...

Sounds like a perfect day Denise.

verdemama said...

Looks like a wonderful (tomato-less)weekend. Your boys look so very happy. We still haven't checked out OWW, but it's on my radar now. Thanks.

Stephanie said...

Hmmm... thinking we need to get back out to our living historical museum, again!
Gorgeous photos, friend.
And I"m glad you're happy with your weather!

Francesca said...

I also spend a lot of (i.e. way too much) time cleaning and cooking before guests come, but is there another way, really?