Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I love parks with the boys. They are getting bigger, so we often do other things. But sometimes they remember a park with a certain something (zip line!) or want to get out in the SHADE during the hot summer days, and so we go.

I think when they are playing together this way is the only time I can really take relaxed photos of them anymore. They are of the age of making faces and holding silly poses (trying to get booties in every photo).

But when they are just happily playing together they don't care or notice if I have a camera.

And when they do notice me it is in a moment, a spin, a giggle. Just what I like.

So while I do enjoy taking pictures of nature,

I really like this better:

Happy boys playing on a beautiful summer day in a park in the woods.


Amy Bradstreet said...

We've long left the playgrounds (or, at least I have, I know some movie-making happens at some around town, sans mom) so I miss these moments of photographing them in action (or thought), so this is wonderful. Snap away! They are so sweet, those boys of yours. So glad everyone's feeling well and ready to enjoy summer. I'm going to go sneak up on my two with the camera. : >

Helena said...

Beautiful, Denise—what a gorgeous playground! Your boys look so content in that sweet space. (And congratulations on capturing them in the moment, without the booties :) )

We have taken to bike riding this winter, and we go past playgrounds whether we're going north or south along our beach bike path. We always stop. They always swing. They always want to be there longer and longer (even as the wind is whipping up)! I am glad that they still love those spaces.

I love your posts, Denise—they always make me think of what we're up to too, and want to tell them to you. As though we're sitting together, sharing our days over a cup of tea. It's lovely :)

cpcable said...

Look at those happy boys! I love the candid shots...they do make for the most truthful moments, don't they?

Stephanie said...

At least they don't always have serious mugshot faces on them.
The other day I even got one of a friend of ours.
"They're happy and playing, honest!!", I often think. :)

Silvia said...

Can I ask what camera you use? Do you edit the pics to get the colors to pop like that? I love your photography!

Sara said...

I love park days. :) There aren't enough of them anymore.