Monday, June 06, 2011

a little of this...

It is HOT! We have been working in the garden and getting outside during the cooler hours, and tucking in the house when it is the hottest. Of course we have had to make some trips out for cold treats. And the week just keeps getting hotter, so many more treats to come! Who doesn't love gelato or popsicle runs?

The boys have been busy busy. I think they like the inside outside of our days. There has been a lot of good stuff going on.

Books (wombats! frogs! Australia!), games, playing, drawing, writing stories. Library runs.

Building things (hovercraft!) and playing with color and surface tension and all kinds of experiments (goo!).

Experimenting with sound, tracks, digital audio, effects and recording.

Building things, putting on shows, and pretending to be every character they can think of.

Seeing a movie in a nice dark cool theatre. Visiting our neighborhood farmer's market (the season has begun - yay!!!!).

And of course getting outside whenever it cools down in the evening to run and roam and play hide and seek with the neighbors and water the garden and ride scooters and bikes and FLIP!

And of course harvest yummy things from the garden.

And find yet more ways to use rhubarb.

I think we have some more of *this* to come.

What have you been up to?



Tara said...

So glad the warmer temps. and sunshine have found you! We've been down to our local ice cream stand as well. Sure feels like summer lately.... woo hoo!!

Shady Lady said...

I just love your updates!! Looks like you all have been having a fabulous time and making the best of the matter what it is.

Stephanie said...

That salad looks like the one Maddie and I had for lunch yesterday! :)

Lots of Grand going on here in your summer!

Debbie said...

Ah...we've been up to much of the same. Life is good, eh? xo

Helena said...

What lovely days you're having! I love the picture of your boys looking up Australia. You know, if you just popped over, we could show you around… :) Just the other day in the mountains, we saw a mama kangaroo with a little joey in her pouch, and then later, we saw a fuzzy brown wallaby just sitting back and watching people go by. AND we saw a platypus! So, any time you guys want to come on over, we can check out all this lovely wildlife together!

But this isn't meant to be a comment about us—it's meant to be a comment about you! Your boys look so happy, and I love that central park area where they are kicking balls and scootering. Is that really your neighbourhood? It looks like something out of my childhood dreams. So, perhaps what we should do is this: We'll come on over now, and hang with you in your lovely garden with your lovely kids during your glorious summer. Then we'll head back here for OUR summer and the beach, and more long, languid days. Sound like a plan? ;)

Amber said...

Looks like you guys are having a blast! We haven't had the best weather here, but my boys are just soaking up the freedom to be outside! And I am loving that. :D