Monday, September 27, 2010

promoted times two.

This weekend we had a karate promotion. This time it was both boys. G was promoted to orange-white, and A to solid GREEN!!!!!

Several of those kids are turned around backwards looking towards the camera because A was cheering SO loudly for his little brother that the whole room was enthusiastic about G's belt. :)

This is G's last belt for a bit as he (asthma boy) takes a class break during peak cold/flu season (he'll start again in the spring). He has had 4 months of karate and has really liked it - it works right in with his break dancing, he says. :) Happy boy!

This promotion for A marks 2 years since his very first belt promotion. Karate is something that he asked to to, he loves doing, and he wants to continue. Being in karate is his decision, and this has been the ONLY class he has ever taken that he has been interested in more than a few weeks. He loves the focus and precision. The routine. The exactness of things. And of course he has an *awesome* instructor.

As he has been going along, many of his older karate mates have been invited to join the black belt team. This is basically moving it up a notch - from taking karate and doing kids classes, to making a commitment to take karate to the next level, focus on the goal of the black belt, sparring, and moving into weapons. The instructor formally invites each kid when they are ready. They of course want kids who are dedicated and physically ready, but also those who they feel are emotionally/mentally ready to do this.

A has been hoping hoping hoping that he would get that letter inviting him to the black belt team. And finally, a few weeks ago, it was time. The invitation requests that the candidate write a formal letter to the instructor accepting the honor, stating their goal of achieving a black belt, and signing a two year commitment to karate to work on that goal. Of course he said YES this is what he wants and he understands what that means. He dictated his letter to me, and worked with me on typing it into the computer and had some help with spelling and wording here and there, but he did it. Printed and signed. He received his blue pants, his black belt team patches, and then this weekend his new belt. Wow!

I have been a little worried about how he will transition into the classes with older kids/adults which include full body gear, a bit more self discipline, and of course weapons. I know he can "do" it, but being a very sensitive kid who relies on routine to help him manage himself in group environments (and who has a hard time with the restrictive feeling of pads and straps of the body padding), I hope he can smoothly navigate the ups and downs of all of that now - different people in classes, different expectations. Of course all I can do is support him 150% in what he does - and know that he is an awesome kid who will figure it all out. This is his commitment, and I have seen how wonderful karate has been for him and how much he loves it. And I have seen how great his instructor is with him, and how supportive the other kids in his classes are...a great environment for him to step up and do karate as a big kid, compete, and get more into the sport.

Oh my boy is growing up!

This is one proud mama.



Lisa said...

my goodness those boys are getting big! what an accomplishment for them both. Goose and Binky spent all day Saturday at a training with the grand master of cuong nhu. it was very exciting for them. they now have 2 weapons. yes, a little scary. they have been sparring for a year now. i am so proud of them for coming so far. it has been a challenge for Binky to manage larger groups, but he loves doing it!

i love the way your boys cheer each other on!! makes me wanna hug 'em myself!!!
have a great week

denise said...

Oh, sweet! That sounds like a great weekend for them. A has been looking into other forms too and loves seeing what kids do based on what school they are in - so much variation!

A has been sparring for a bit, but has had a hard time with how confining the body padding it - mostly the hand and core/rib padding. He has opted out of wearing it in sparring a lot, but in the next level there is no opting out of padding and headgear. And now he will also need shin guards, mouth protection, which were recommended but not required up to this point. We are looking into different acceptable types of padding/gear though, hoping to help him a bit by finding lighter/less restrictive types. He really wants to do it, so perhaps his determination will help him with that! :)

Jessie said...

Wow, how awesome for both boys and especially A! Give them both high fives from Ivy and I!!!

sarah said...

Oh how they grow.....

brianna said...

Wow, Denise that made me cry. The sweet picture of G's promotion and then hearing about A's black belt invitation- such sweet moments.

I love that Nic has been so willing and interested in trying many different activities, but how cool it is to have such a commitment like that!

Dawn said...

That's fantastic! What great achievements, for both of your boys. My son is in karate to but hasn't started sparring yet. He has a yellow stripe belt right now.

Mel North said...

Wow, what an opportunity! I think this is such a great example of what unschooling can do for a child. I'm surer the challenge and experience will help him grow whatever he decides to do. And their brotherly love sends a tear to my eye!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to you AND the boys! Exciting stuff. Hope the next two years prove to be an extremely rewarding and amazing experience.

kelly said...

My boys do ninjitsu and sometimes, I just can't watch...they too have an awesome instructor (I think this makes all the difference) and they look forward to their classes throughout the week.

Well done to your boys - and especially your A for getting into the black belt group - how awesomely cool for him to reach his goals!!

Tara said...

Congrats to the boys for all their hard work - although I suspect karate is loads of fun as well.

These growing pains , they are going around. Owen announced last week that he wants to attend every field trip, hs group, playdate etc. that comes up. This from the boy who has always been most comfortable at home, and indifferent to lots of friends and socializing.

They grow up so fast :0)

Hullabaloo Homestead said...

Congrats to your boys! That is a super cool achievement for them and I can certainly see proudness beaming off their cute faces.


The Blackburn Buzz said...

I love your karate pictures of the boys! Such sweet, yet determined boys! My son (Carter, 4) has been doing karate this past summer since movin to Milwaukee. We thought it would gain his confidence and transition as we moved. It has given him so much more. Loved finding and reading your blog. Wish there was a MomsinMadison site now in Milwaukee. The Mil. site just isn't the same! ~Anne