Tuesday, March 30, 2010

throwing rocks.

It may look like we just went on a walk and threw rocks into a pond, but I know better. The boys are chatty, and love to ask questions even when fully occupied digging and throwing.

What feeds this pond?

What causes the current in this small of a pond?

How can you measure how fast the current is going?

Do those tiny fish have a hard time swimming against the current?

What kind of fish live in here?

Why did they used to dye the water blue? Does it make the fish more blue?

Can people eat the fish if there is blue in the water?

Was this island made by people?

How much dirt did it take to make an island this tall?

If it is man made, I wonder where all these rocks started from, exactly.

I wonder how many rocks are on this little island.

What makes the bigger rocks make a lower sound, and smaller rocks make a higher sound when you throw them into the water?

What is the size and shape that would make the best skipping rock?

If two rocks are the same shape but one is heavy and the other is light, will they both skip the same?

How high can you throw a rock?

What is our altitude here?

Do maps show altitude?

Do man-made islands show up on GPS maps?

Can satellites see trees?

How far do the trees roots go?

If we can see these roots, does that mean they go out into the water?

Are these holes by the roots from rocks or animals?

If you dug a hole close to the pond, would water seep into it from underground? How deep would you have to dig?

I love those quiet ;) walks with my boys, hanging out, soaking up some sun, exploring, chatting, thinking, being.


Joyce said...

Denise the boys look like they were having a grand ole time. They are cute. Love the header. xo

Sam said...

That is so funny! I love their train of thought. Do you ever get stressed out trying to answer all those questions? Their brains are so amazing, wanting to absorb it all :) Life sure is interesting with curious little people around.

Daan said...

What a sweet and so true post, love all those questions and the on-and-on babbling of youngsters

Astrid in Bristling Acres said...

Sounds lovely! My girls ask lots of questions but when I go to answer them they always say "I know that Mom". Hmmmm....some days I wonder if we went from preschool straight to teenage years! I love questions....

likeschocolate said...

Looks like a great way to enjoy a spring day. have a fantastic weekend. Happy Spring!

Stephanie said...

Those are some of my favorite sort of days.
When I just be quiet, and Listen.
And they show me.
"And all I can do is just smile and smile."

Jodi Anderson said...

People who are concerned about homeschooled kids ... should read this!! :)

Have a great week, friend.

tiff said...

i love how inquisitive your boys'are...they remind me of our guys...we always enjoy time out in nature...just to reconnect to each other & the earth!

your photos are beautiful!

Michelle said...

Yes, yes, yes. Homeschooling at its best!

marcia said...

Love all the questions ...and those curious minds!

Cam said...

As my son rapid fires questions in my direction, I always do my best to answer him promptly, but sometimes & some subjects the only answer I can return with is: Hon, we'll have to google it. haha!

denise said...

Watching kids think is the best thing, isn't it? I love it.

Cam - we always carry a notebook & write stuff down we need to google or get books about. I may know a lot (ha!), but there is so much more minutiae we can find online. :)

Shona Leah said...

That's awesome! May they never stop asking questions :o)