Saturday, January 09, 2010

winter garden.

Just because it is -5º outside doesn't mean we can't have a garden. We grow as many greens as we can inside each winter. It is super easy - and we get fresh goodness even with feet of snow on the ground.

Right now we have a bunch of things going. We have an easy sprout growing a mix for topping sandwiches, eggs, etc.

We have a triple tier sprouter that we use to sprout bigger things - peas, lentils, mung, etc. This week I have a few trays of red lentils sprouting to the microgreens stage for salads.

We also have a light system setup over a bookshelf in our 'craft room' (spare bedroom). This is simply a few trays under two shop lights - with one warm and one cool bulb per fixture we get a good range of light to grow microgreens and lettuce greens. The room gets lots of natural light in the winter too. Right now we have a tray of pea shoots, one of mixed microgreens (broccoli, radish, arugula, beet, cress, mustard), and one of mixed greens we are growing for cut and come again salads. Microgreens are greens and vegetables grown only for the first week or so and cut while small. They are packed with nutrients and surprisingly have a ton of flavor. A 7 day old radish green packs quite the punch of full radish flavor.

And of course we always have a few things of wheatgrass growing. The green perks our sprits up in the it is good for juicing, and our rabbit LOVES getting special fresh grass treats!

We have some time before we start seeds for the spring and summer garden, but it is nice to have trays always going so that we can cut and eat fresh, right from home. And it just feels good when it is so cold and white outside!


jane said...

ok, now i want to try this! so cool! warm hugs!

Stephanie said...

do you think I'll actually do this year? I never did the last!

Zachary and Jennifer said...

That is a great idea! Sure beats buying bag lettuce at the supermarket.


Pussnae said...

It lifts my spirits just seeing all that green! Maybe I'll try growing some greens too.

6512 and growing said...

Thanks for reminding me about the goodness of sprouts in winter!

Sam said...

Wonderful, this reminds me of my mothers kitchen when I was little. So many lovely sprouts to snack on. I especially loved the radish sprouts. Makes me want to try my hand at it.

5orangepotatoes said...

Denise, thanks for posting this. I've been very curious. Will be buying the sprouter on Friday (payday).

Unknown said...

I have been following for a while. Thought you might be interested in a giveaway I am hosting. Stop by when you have a chance and take a look.

Tara said...

My kitty cat loves sampling the wheat grass when we grow it!

Your winter garden is lush :0)

Dawn said...

You are so organized! Inspiring as always~


Yarrow said...

Its been so long since I've been by your blog. You are still as busy as ever. Love the sprouts! I am working on some of my own. Blessings for the new year.

Carrie said...

Denise, reading your blog is like an invigorating cup of hot tea. :) I always walk away feeling so deeply inspired. :) enjoy the rest of your winter, and stay warm.