Tuesday, November 10, 2009

to sunshine.

While I am dreaming of colder weather, the boys have really been enjoying this burst of warmth and sunshine in November.

The past week has been nicer, it seems, than most of the past 6 months. Such ups and downs with the weather this year, but we'll take this last gasp before the cold arrives.

Ahh, sunshine.


Stephanie said...

We were doing that ourselves today!
It's kooky - warm at sixty, then almost cold.... having a hard time getting settled in and also accepting that shorts and long-sleeves is over. :/
Stuck in the in-between, we are.
Ah well. We'll be really stuck before too long!!

Dawn said...

We were enjoying some cool too (well in the high 60's) and then wham....88 degrees today :[

Love the shots of the boys, sweet smilin' faces :)

Astrid in Bristling Acres said...

Yeah! We'll take it too! We made ice cream on one of the super nice days. I can't ever remember making ice cream outside in November. :)

Pussnae said...

I'm enjoying the cooler temps today. 65 degrees in November in VT just throws you off!;)

likeschocolate said...

Great photos! They made me smile!

tiff said...


Angela said...

We've been getting the typical NW pounding rain and wind today (http://www.larksongknits.com/2009/11/13/friday-nature-table/) and have been enjoying fall from indoors, but oh, would we love to have your weather just for a few days so we could romp in the leaves!

Glad your boys got to enjoy the day!

RunninL8 said...

Come on up here for some COLD! -5 today!