Thursday, August 20, 2009

summer living.

While I've been doing lots of this

and this,

the boys have been happily playing, building, constructing,

and just enjoying the summer.

We have been spending a lot of time outside too, bike riding, park visiting, gardening, and walking. The days of summer are long, and the boys have been coming in after dark, exhausted and happy. G actually fell asleep on the floor, face down, with his bike helmet still on yesterday!

The long days of summer ARE for play and garden and food preserving. I can't believe that summer is almost over - but I think I also welcome it with relief. Soon we will be tucked inside after dinner as the darkness comes earlier, playing board games, knitting, crafting, more frequent blogging, and being together. But for now, we have another month or so of summer rumpus and piles of veggies on every counter and windowsill, and huge pots of simmering tomatoes or canning baths on every burner!

We have been chatting and planning some fun things we want to do this fall/winter. Classes, outings, crafting, projects, you name it (going to share some of that soon). I have always been a cool weather person and fall/winter energize me and give me a burst of creativity - so planning now is good not only because we can register and plan for fall activities in time, but also so I can dream of all the crafty goodness to come! Until then, back to my tomatoes!


Stephanie said...

lol- asleep with his bike helmet.
That's hilarious! :)
and supercute, no doubt.

Happy Summering!

Michelle said...

I like cool weather too. We have not even had summer yet, it seems. The temperatures have been well below normal and we've even had to run the furnace a few mornings in July and August. Your cucumbers look great! My tomatoes haven't even started to turn color yet.

Misty said...

We too have had a great summer but I'm ready for it to cool down.

love these shots!

et lille oejeblik - a little moment said...

by the end of each season i always long for the one to come, the change of activities, light and pace.

i too long for fall now, i am tasting a bit here in denmark now, but will soon go back to israel where fall is still months away. and really nothing like a good old scandinavian fall :)

you have such beautiful veggies.

Barbara said...

ooh, those veggies look scrumptious! I just don't get the yield you do...maybe because you put more work into your garden than I do! AH and I are waiting for his yellow tomatoes to ripen and then we'll be making yellow ketchup! I'm excited...this is his idea and he's planned it since spring!

Sam said...

Beautiful post. What a wonderful home life for everyone.

Sam said...

Those veggies look delicious. I love the image of them covering every available space :-) The shot of lego covering the table reminds me of my table!

tara said...

even as a fellow unschooler, fall does hold such promise, doesn't it? It's definitely my favorite season. enjoy your last days of summer!

World Wide Alternative said...

Yum, yum, YUM! XXxx

RunninL8 said...

Fall is swiftly approaching and we look foward to harvesting our tiny garden! Your bounty looks wonderful!
I'm envious of all your fall plans-my heart broke when i dropped Lo off at kindergarten today. I lament all the activities we could do together.

Scott said...

Here are some ideas of activities you can all enjoy!

Amy Bradstreet said...

A perfect post for this time of year. Your endless projects in the kitchen and garden are inspiring, Denise. And you know Adam would love to come play Legos with your guys, just sayin'.

5 orange potatoes said...

What a great harvest! Our garden didn't produce very much this year; just corn, beans, eggplant and peppers seemed to do well. Big failure on the tomatoes, too many raccoons and deer around here that love to munch them vine and all. We must put up a very tall fence next year!

Looking forward to fall too, ready for the cool crisp air.

Lisa :)