Monday, April 12, 2010

milwaukee sunday.

Yesterday we had a sunny cool Sunday full of our favorite science museum, Lake Michigan, and city waterfront walking.

We have been going to this museum for years - but as the boys get older, they delve deeper into the exhibits, read the information, ask more questions, and explore more of the small mechanical and technical stuff. We spend hours and hours each time we go, and always leave wanting to come back soon.

As A has been reading more and is interested in a lot of the new technologies, he has been interested in the exhibits there about aquaponics, vermiculture, water usage, sewage, energy, air quality, and a sustainable future. They have so many great exhibits throughout the whole museum on these topics, and we find ourselves in these areas for a long time each visit.

The past few times the boys have started trying the flight simulator too. All three of my guys have an interest in flying and this is a nice full motion simulator - it is amazing to see how smooth G is at flying and landing when it is such a challenge for so many older kids and adults!

Of course we love getting outside there too. Downtown Milwaukee is steps away, and Lake Michigan is big and beautiful. After many years living and working in Chicago so close to Lake Michigan I find myself missing it and feeling a need to just sit there and look out at the blue horizon, listen to the birds, and watch the boats go by.

As always, a wonderful day!


Stephanie said...

you know how much I love your science museum!!
:) the picture of G? in the tube looks just like a shot I took of Trev today! :)

Cam said...

Flight simulator = So cool.

I want a turn. :)

Sam said...

What a great looking place! Looks like a perfect kind of day.

Francesca said...

We have nothing like that in this country! My boys would love that museum, and I'd love to try that giant magic bubble!

Shona Leah said...

I love the bubble silhouette photo, that really does look like a great museum and to walk outside to the lake..well that's bonus!

Sunflower Hill Farm said...

We are now the proud owners of a membership to this museum! We love it, too!! I'm hoping to get over there very soon. Last time, we went after taking our fleeces to the tanner (weird, weird place but they do amazing things with animal fleeces).