Wednesday, April 21, 2010

lots of building goin' on.

Oh the joy of spring. It feels like life is so busy we go go go. And not just the kind of busy where you 'have' to be somewhere, but the kind of busy that comes with gardens, seedlings, bike riding, park exploring, lots of sunshine, and the extra boost of energy that revitalizes us all.

This past week or two the (spunky) boys have had a big re-surge of interest in models, building and engineering. We have jumped back into fun projects full force -- making a solar oven (and then of course foil body armor afterwards with the rest of the foil), building a motor powered dragster, working on Mindstorms robotics builds, and finding things to use power tools on (think lawn furniture & unsuspecting coconuts). Of course throw in a ton or so of LEGO with some Snap Circuits to round out the building extravaganza. ;)

After watching the Space Shuttle Discovery landing yesterday and then exploring NASA & NASA Kids for a few hours, the boys want to make some sort of International Space Station model or mobile...sounds like fun! :) We really enjoy doing projects together, and with the longer days and sunshine we are all energized to go go go!

Ah, spring!


Katrina said...

very cool I want to come in and sit in on class. :D I wish that madison learning together took off but it didn't.. :(

likeschocolate said...

Aren't boys great! My son would be so jealous of the lego mindstorm.

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