Wednesday, July 06, 2011

in the garden...

I'm so behind on a garden update! The weather has been hot and humid, which has gotten everything finally growing. We haven't had much rain - the rain barrel has been dry more often than I remember from past years. But as the garden is sheltered it seems to hold onto the moisture pretty well. That shelter also means that the greens are still happy, even with the heat wave. I flood them with cool water when they are on the shady side and they keep right on growing without bolting (so far).

We had such a slow/late start with the cold spring, so things are not as far along as usual...but that they are growing at all after all that makes me very happy.

Right now we are still picking big bowls of lettuces and greens daily - chard, kale, mesclun mix, head lettuce, and more. Our cauliflower, carrots and broccoli which were stunted for so long in the cold are still growing and finally starting to look like something and managing hot quite well.

We are reaping a lot of herbs - dill, cilantro, basil (tons of pesto - yum!), shisho, fennel, spring onions, lovage, and the edible flowers are also all starting to come in.

The medicinals are slow growers generally, so they are happy but small.

We are starting to (!in July!) pick a lot of peas while the beans, melons and cucumbers look like they will need a LONG stretch of heat in order to kick start growing...they are way behind.

We have beets and chives and teeny tiny (tiny!) summer squash.

The strawberries are just about done, while the golden raspberries are being picked by the cupful for the past few days. Blackberries are just starting to color. Currants are getting plump. Red raspberries are just now flowering.

The tomatoes are getting slowly but surely bigger!

We have pots of all kinds of things growing happily and comfy spots to sit on cooler mornings or beautiful evenings.

I'm sure there are many things I am not remembering from inside my house at midnight. But it is good when the list of what is growing is long! I can't believe it feels like we are just starting the main summer fruit and veggies, but we are. Of course I hope that means we will have a long beautiful fall.

How is your garden growing?


Anonymous said...

great garden, Denise! my winter stuff is finally going. for a week now i've been harvesting plenty of greens for 2 winter salads a day, but seriously....summer will NOT get here fast enough!!!

Tara said...

The variety in your garden is remarkable ~ so many interesting plants to watch as they begin to bear fruit!

So far our potatoes, tomatoes and peppers are taking off. The basil is pretty happy too :)

Joy said...

It all looks so beautiful and lush where you are. We're in the part of the summer where we have to struggle to keep things green due to the heat, but the berries are always good. They seem to multiply and gro no matter what. :)

mamak said...

Lovely lovely lovely! Your garden looks great! Our lettuces, and greens are growing gangbusters, but like you, we need some heat to get the others going... Maybe we'll have some squash by end of August... Our berries are just about ready to ripen! Can't wait!

Hee hee!

denise said...

Say dollop out loud about 10 times quickly and tell me what you think of the word - or if you feel like a lizard. :)

Jodi Anderson said...

I, too, started picking peas earlier this week.

Everything else though? Way ahead of normal. I'm guessing that it's a combination of access to more sunlight and stark indifference to the cooler temps this spring. I just went right ahead and planted.

Enjoy your garden! xo

MJ said...

I have cherry tomatoes too that are finally turning a beautiful orange and I have cucumbers still in its very early stages :). My sage still keeps me happy as its smell lingers on my fingers for hours! I love the new look of your site btw and that butterfly, wow!! What a great header shot!!

Shady Lady said...

Your garden looks amazing!! Such yummy things growing. And you have tomatoes already, even with your late start. We've got flowers on the tomato plants, but we're still waiting for the tomatoes.

Stephanie said...

Gorgeous! Fantastic! :)

I was thinking "in the garden" yesterday, and took lots of pics... haven't put it up yet, though. But oh, it's comin' now after seeing your beauties!

Francesca said...

it looks beautiful, Denise. I wish I had access to some of the seeds you planted. My garden this year is doing great, but I am always behind ... my potatoes and onions are (over)due for harvesting ...

cpcable said...

Oh! How I envy your garden! Such bounty. Glad that you're enjoying it!