Sunday, June 19, 2011

under the weather.

We have had quite the week. Sick A, then sick me, and then sick asthma boy G. Cancelled oral surgery due to the cold (for A).

Re-scheduling and sick days and snuggles and wanting to enjoy the nice weather, but really needing to just be inside, quiet.

Even with all the cold hoopla we have been puttering.

Bird and animal watching in our own yard.

Strawberry picking (it is time!).

Cold treats (strawberry elderberry ice cream).

Lots of lettuce!

Playing cards and board games, reading books, and watching movies.

Shadow puppets.

We are slowly feeling better, and looking to all the re-working of schedules to get A's mouth done so we can move on with our summer! I can't believe June is more than half over. Time does fly.

Happy Monday!



Tara said...

Your boy has made himself a comfy little nest to rest in....

Sorry you all have been challenged with sickness. Wishing you brighter days ahead :)

Lisa said...

glad to hear you are all feeling better! and i hope the oral surgery goes well and heals quickly!!! there's lots of summer fun to be had!

Shady Lady said...

Sweet laundry basket bed! And that ice cream looks amazing... Glad to hear that everyone is on the mend.

Mama Whimsy said...

Wishing you all a speedy recovery!

Andrea said...

I hope you are all feeling better soon and get out to enjoy the warm weather. Your activities look very healing and nourishing. I agree, laundry basket bed is very cozy!

Francesca said...

I'm so sorry Denise. Hope all is better at your house now. The cold treats sound good, though, I'll keep that combination in mind.