Monday, October 25, 2010

early darkness.

Ahhh. We finally had a week of cooler sunny days and mild evenings with that lovely earlier darkness. While on the one hand early darkness means getting tired earlier in the evening, it also means we get to spend more time out in the dark.

My guys have always been early to bed early to rise. Even when we used to try to get them to stay up a little later when they were younger (delusional, I know) - thinking they might finally "sleep in" in the mornings - the more we realized they are just early risers (as they get older they manage to stay up a little later, but are still early birds!). That means that in the summer when it got dark later, they were often inside and sleepy before the darkest night. So early dark has meant they have been able to be outside with their friends/neighbors playing in the darkness. And playing outside in the dark means they have been finding things that glow and light up!

There have been glowing bikes and helmets and skateboards, hide and seek using light up sabers, flashlights and headlamps, and walks at night with many kids and parents to see all of the 'spooky' decorations around the block.

There has even been a glowing bath, and attempts at glowing hula hoops!

I have always liked the dark - cozying up earlier, feeling the pull of home, slowing down, the cycles of the seasons. But we are not quite ready to slow down - right now the dark is to explore, enjoying being out in the evenings before it gets so cold, being with friends, having fun!



Tara said...

Ooh... good fun with the glow in the dark toys. Your photos really show off the colors!

Anonymous said...

soudns like so much fun. andthose photos are seriously cool!

erin said...

Dark is enchanting to the boys over here, too. We like to go for flashlight walks about the farm at night. Exciting especially because the coyotes love to frolic on the large pasture areas, and we see them frequently at dusk. It's fun (and safe-scary) to imagine them near us, watching us, peaceful and playful.We look for the glow of their eyes with the lights!


mamak said...

Awesome. I love love love glowsticks, and kids playing in the dark, together. It's all too much fun to even think about.

Anonymous said...

Love that it gets dark earlier. I have been waiting for just the right night to let my daughter stay up just a little bit later and lay outside on a blanket underneath the night sky. It was one of my favorite things to do with my dad growing up and I cannot wait to share that with my daughter.