Monday, February 08, 2010

February, February.

Oh, February, February - how you try so hard every year to knock us down. While February inevitably ends up with, in its few short weeks, no less than THREE homeschool conferences we would like to attend, the annual Garden Expo *and* the Model Train Show, the Madison Youth Grow Local Conference, {yes, all in Feb!} as well as things like a Valentines skating party, several local events, and an upcoming birthday, we always end up down for the count this month and miss much of it. We have been so careful all winter and have not had any viruses for asthma boy in a long time, but the minute February arrives... I know better by now, so try not to plan much, not sign up for anything, and go with the flow, but it is still hard knowing that it will be another year before these events return!

We have had a definite February week - A is on day 8 of a wicked cold turned cough turned 2+ days of full body hives (!!!). G is just starting and we have already been doing the nebulizer and inhalers hoping to keep it mild and his lungs healthy - though after the past week with A I know we have a rough week ahead. We are sure to be inside for another week or so as this runs its course, and we are really looking forward to the snowstorm coming our way tonight/tomorrow. I think we all need some magical views, snow and wind, fresh whiteness and that cozy feeling of being snowbound, if even for only a day.

As for me, I have been enjoying all of the things in this house that keep me healthy and going while caring for sick boy (s). Fresh home grown sprouts, a bowl full of citrus, trays of microgreens and pea shoots, cold kombucha, herbal tea, freshly grated ginger, home made yogurt.

So while we are not even half way through February, I can see the end. I plant, I soak, I sprout, I grow. Each day closer to spring, to sun, to green grass and fresh air. I love the cold, but I love the anticipation of spring too. Each day one step closer!

Hoping you all are healthy and making it happily through February!


Sam said...

Oh dear :( Hope your boys get better quickly, and that you stay well.

The photo of the oranges is perfect.

Amy Bradstreet said...

I've been thinking about you all so much, Denise, hoping that wellness visits your doorstep very soon. Perhaps because we don't have much snow this winter (in Maine, who'da thunk it?), but I see the sunshine on the garden path and I feel the quickening this year for sure, so I know spring is near, too. Those greens and sprouts look devine! ((hugs))

Mommy, I'm Home said...

I think we should just eliminate January and February from the calendar from now on. Just move right on to March when signs of spring are really starting to show....

Sunflower Hill Farm said...

Oh, poor boys! My husband sometimes has h----(he won't let us say it) and he suffers greatly! They are fortunate to have a patient caring mama helping them through.

Jen said...

I had a cold with hives recently too. Crazy.

I hope everyone gets and stays better!

Sarah said...

best wishes for health in your home!

i love reading your blog...your family is always up to interesting things, even when homebound. the list of books you're reading is inspiring, too -- i've been wanting to check out "grow great grub"...and the "less is more" title looks intriguing as well.

hang in there this month!!

Stephanie said...

So sorry about the hives. Doesn't look fun at all.
The greens are gorgeous.
Certainly a good consolation for being homebound!!

Mon said...

Oh how exausting. Here's to quick healing for them.