Monday, July 13, 2009

weekend wanderings.

We like mini-adventures. It is a good way to wander with boys who don't like riding in the car for long. On Saturday we packed up and headed out. We had a few destinations in mind for a loop, but also wanted the boys to look out the windows and let us know when they wanted to stop! With GPS in hand, the boys followed our route as we drove.

Our first stop was to a cheese factory. A loves his cheese. We toured their aquaculture wastewater treatment area and saw a cool way to take wash/wastewater, treat it using microbes, aquaponics, and algae, and finish with clean water!

We also picked up some yummy organic cheeses - a few we've had many times, and a few A wanted after sampling. From there we stopped a nice small town park to play and swing!

Lunch was at one of our favorite small town cafes...and while there we visited their organic/eco-friendly general store and found a few goodies to take home.

We couldn't pass up a nature walk and scenic overlook with amazing views of farms, bluffs, hills and woods.

Even though this area is tourist central and usually filled with visitors from surrounding states, wherever we went it was quiet and peaceful. A perfect day for wandering.

We even found organic farms, farm stands, odd little tourist rock shops and other quirky spots.

And who can pass up visiting some horses at a stable? The boys yelled out when they saw that sign and we knew we had to turn around and stop for a visit! :)

After a fun afternoon of wandering we drove back home, tired and happy from a long interesting day!

Hope you had a nice weekend!


Michelle said...

Looks like a great day you had.

state of bliss said...

Looks and sounds like you had a great weekend out! That's the best about weekends and family time together. We also love our mini adventure :)

Have a lovely week x

Dawn said...

Cheese glorious cheese!! My mouth is watering...I wish we had an organic cafe around here...Glad you guys had a great weekend!

Magical Mom said...

I love the tanks painted like cows! The Ethel M Chocolate factory in Vegas has a natural water treatment place that is very similar, even has that same placard explaining the process. Sounds like you had a very yummy adventure

Tara said...

I like the idea of just wandering and stopping when something strikes your fancy ~ sure seemed to have worked for you all!

The boys are getting SO BIG!!

Jodi Andeson said...

Ah, I recognize the cafe. I swear, I haven't eaten there in about five years as we don't get to *insert name of town here* very often. Besides, the husband and child always choose to go to the drive-in diner on the main highway, where I struggle to find something to eat, but it's a fun place just the same because of games and books and posters.

Anyhow, it looks like it was a grand day. :)

(A funny aside: My *prove you're not a robot* word was "bratmess". Heh.)

Jodi Anderson said...

Oh, a question: Do you know of a local blogger who works at Whole Foods?

I was getting groceries yesterday, and I heard an employee mention her blog to another employee. After that, on a completely unrelated note, we got into a discussion about the old Seed Savers store and Gary Larson.

Later, I wondered why I didn't just ask her for the blog address, but you know ... hindsight is 20/20. Just thought I'd check wtih you.

Dawn said...

Your weekend wanderings sound like such fun. The photos are wonderful.

Stephanie said...

Looks great to me!!
But I love cheese, too, so....

That shoppe is lovely! I got to see lots of those sort of places on our trip, and loved it. I stopped asking Eric to stop and pull over, though. :) Only so many falling down log cabins and barns will they (my fellow travelers) allow me without groaning!

Looks like a lovely adventurous day.

Idzie said...

Looks like a wonderful day out! Oh, and by the way, I found your blog when you started following me on Twitter. :-) It's always great to discover new blogging unschoolers (or any unschoolers, really)!

Lizz said...

Hey ho!

Came by to see how your garden grows.


Pampered Mom said...

I love that cafe!! I haven't been there in a long time...but I still have such fond memories of it!

Pampered Mom said...

I love that cafe!! I haven't been there in a long time...but I still have such fond memories of it!

Joyce said...

great photos of the family and the day. xoxo

Heather said...

I love those cow painted milk tanks!! Wouldn't it be great if they had painted pink udders underneath. ;-)